10 Best Places to visit in Feldkirch Austria

The municipality boundary of the city of Feldkirch, located in the Vorarlberg, forms both a section of the national border with Liechtenstein and Switzerland. In this article, we have listed the best places to visit in Feldkirch Austria.

Best Places to visit in Feldkirch Austria
Image by Walter Sturn from Pixabay

The latter is also marked by the Alpine Rhine flowing towards Lake Constance. Around 32,500 people live in the second-largest city in the Austrian state of Vorarlberg. Feldkirch was first mentioned in a document in 1218. As a center of trade with Italy and the Holy Roman Empire, the city achieved a level of prosperity that created the basis for its early cultural development. Let’s explore the best Places to visit in Feldkirch Austria.


1. Schattenburg Feldkirch

Best Places to visit in Feldkirch Austria
Image by Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay

The Schattenburg lies on a hill on the edge of Feldkirch. The hilltop castle above the city is one of the most important sights in Feldkirch. The Schattenburg already served Hugo I von Montfort, the founder of Feldkirch, as the headquarters and has been owned by the city administration since 1825. The area presents itself as a typical hilltop castle. The construction project began under the aforementioned Hugo I around the year 1200. Despite its location, the hilltop castle was connected to the city wall.


2. Wild Park Feldkrich

Wild Park

The wildlife park offers excitement, fun and entertainment for the whole family and is open daily all year round. You can watch numerous animals, unwind on a walk on the Ardetzenberg or let off steam with your children in one of the most beautiful playgrounds in Vorarlberg.

3. Saint Jean church Feldkirch

Saint Jean church
Böhringer Friedrich via Wikimedia Commons

Art and church – that has always been a successful symbiosis. Many masterpieces in art history arise from striving to portray the sublime. A special form of finitude and transcendence can be seen in the Johanniterkirche in Feldkirch. The relics of the past range from the Romanesque foundation walls to the baroque frescoes to the neo-Gothic high altar.


4. Kunstpalais Liechtenstein

Best Places to visit in Feldkirch Austria

Kunst Palais Liechtenstein and KUNSTBOX on Jahnplatz invite you to the opening “Participation is neither a luxury nor a necessary evil. It is an imperative of our time. “Heike Schlauch is designing the first exhibition based on a recently implemented new building for a fire station.


5. Tosters Ruine Feldkirch

Best Places to visit in Feldkirch Austria
Welleschik, CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

An exciting story is hidden behind the walls of the ruins in Feldkirch-Tosters. In a document from 1271, the Counts of Montfort-Feldkirch are named as owners, In 1405 the castle was destroyed by the Appenzell people, but was rebuilt three years later. It is then pledged to the Swiss Count of Toggenburg and acquired by the city of Feldkirch after twenty years.

Records from 1616 show that the castle was already in ruins at that time. At the end of the 19th century, the roof also fell victim to a severe storm. The fabulous castle is the setting in poems and stories, among others by Konstantin Oberdorf, Franz Josef Fischer and Richard Beitl.


6. Ardetzenberg Feldkirch


The Ardetzenberg is home to a wildlife park, in which various animals native to our latitudes can be viewed in game enclosures. Together with a children’s playground, refreshment stops and a network of hiking trails without steep inclines, this makes it an ideal destination for families with children too.


7. Katzentrum


The 8-story round cat tower was built in the course of the city fortifications under the government of Emperor Maximilian I from 1491-1507. Where the name Katzenturm comes from has not yet been fully clarified. One theory says that the cannons of this original defense tower were equipped with cat heads as target devices.


8. Feldkirch Old Town

Feldkirch Old Town
Image by Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay

Feldkirch’s medieval center invites you to take a stroll through the city – cobblestones, narrow streets, romantic arbors, and beautiful house facades included. The city center is also home to hip cafes, small boutiques, and shops. Vintage shopping, a smoothie in a trendy coffee shop or buying local products at the market? Everything possible.

The market square and the Marktgasse are popular meeting places, e.g. also at the atmospheric Christmas market, which takes place here every year from December 1st to 24th. No doubt that you have to take a walk in old town because is one of the places to visit in Feldkirch.

9. The Montforthouse

The Montforthouse
Montforthaus Feldkirch @ Petra Rainer

The Montforthaus is the city’s cultural center and the restaurant also has wonderful lunch menus on the top floor – in summer on the airy terrace with a dream view of the city and the Schattenburg. The architectural gem is a versatile event venue and was built in the spirit of a “green & smart building”. Worth seeing!

10. Amberg Castle

Best Places to visit in Feldkirch Austria

This residence, which Emperor Maximilian had built for Countess Anna von Helfenstein in 1493, is located a little above Levis. She gave the emperor a son, who, however, died in Milan at a young age. In 1555 Maximilian’s successor Ferdinand I presented his Vice-Chancellor Jakob Jonas from Götzis with Amberg Castle. The following four centuries were marked by frequent changes of ownership.