Best beaches in Tarragona Spain

Tarragona’s beaches are famous for their extremely fine, golden sand. For this reason we are listing best beaches in Tarragona Spain. This city has 15-kilometre coastline, easily accessible with crystalline waters.

Best beaches in Tarragona Spain

All of the city’s beaches are also equipped with showers where beach goers can go to freshen up or cool off.

Tarragona beaches are perfect for swimming from June to September, and sun-lovers can lie out or simply stroll along the coast practically all year round. Tarragona is located in Catalonia Region in Spain. Below we are listing best beaches in Tarragona Spain.


Altafulla – Costa Dorada

Altafulla, Costa Dorada, Tarragona

We close our top 10 of the best Beaches in Tarragona with Altafulla beach. It begins just behind Tamarit beach and has an average length of 20 meters, without a doubt.

Its historic-artistic heritage is made up of a medieval castle, the church of Sant Martí, some remains of the walls and the city hall. It is also worth highlighting the hermitage of Sant Antoni and the seaside and tourist area.

Just 10 minutes from Tarragona, this beach is known for its golden sand and for being surrounded by beautiful white buildings. To many reasons to quality Altafulla one of the best beaches in Tarragona. It has a blue flag and offers great services and amenities, including access for people with reduced mobility.


El Miracle Tarragona

Playa del Miracle may not be the most beautiful beach but it is the most accessible of the 5 beaches in Tarragona. For this reason Playa del Miracle is one of the best beaches in Tarragona Spain.

Surely beaches like Arrabasada, Cala Romana or Sabinosa are much better than this one, but the comfort of being able to walk down from the city to the beach is not available to these others.

Miracle beach is a beautiful stretch of sand almost 1000 meters long that goes from Fortí de la Reina to the port of Tarragona, it also has good services and facilities such as showers, toilets and lifeguard stations.

Arrabassada Beach Tarragona

Platya de la Arrabassada Tarragona

Arrabassada beach on Passeig Rafael Casanova N-340 has 550 x 65 m of fine sand, access on foot, by car and by public transport . It has parking, bars, nautical activities, sports activities in the sand and slogans.


Savinosa Beach

At La Savinosa Naturist Beach you can sunbathe in a bikini, swimsuit or completely naked, as we recommend.

With chiringuito and easy access. The CCN usually celebrates Naturism Day and other events on this beach, among others with a long Naturist tradition.

With a blue flag, well earned, as it even has access for people with reduced mobility.
Before arriving in the city of Tarragona, we find a virgin beach with hardly any buildings around it, located in a privileged natural enclave is Savinosa.

This small beach, three hundred and fifty meters long by thirty meters wide, shaped like a bay and sheltered by rocks, is one of the nudist beaches of Tarragona and the Costa Dorada.


Los Capellanes beach

Best beaches in Tarragona Spain

Connected with the promenade towards the east and the promenade towards the lighthouse, Playa de Capellans is a charming beach, small but well equipped.

Playa dels Capellans is an urban beach in Salou, despite being about 300m from the bright light.

It is located in a somewhat quieter area than those in the center, it is the next beach heading north, after Playa de Levante,

The occupancy level is usually high, but there are not as many people as in the previous one or in Poniente Beach.


Cala Jovera

Cala Jovera - Best beaches in Tarragona Spain

Cala Jovera beach is one of the best beaches in Tarragona. With a length of 90 meters and a width of 20 meters, this beautiful beach is distinguished by its golden sand and calm waters.

For those who have already visited Cala Jovera beach, surely they would consider this description accurate: Small isolated cove, with a low degree of occupation, composed of golden sand and surrounded by natural vegetation.


Llarga Beach

Llarga Beach (Platja Llarga)

This beach is so called due to its 3 kilometers in length and 30 meters in width, an extension that makes it the longest beach in all of Tarragona.

It is located in a natural area of ​​great tranquility that meets the main needs such as bathrooms, showers, a beach bar, sun lounger and umbrella rental services and even a sailing club, it is undoubtedly quite comfortable and with calm waters with the perfect conditions for swimming. Diving.


Tamarit Beach

Platja de Tamarit - Best beaches in Tarragona Spain

This is an isolated, protected and quite picturesque beach due not only to the natural landscape that surrounds it, but to the castle of Tamarit, full of golden sands, with calm and crystalline waters. To many reasons to qualify Platja de Tamarit one of the best beaches in Tarragona Spain.

It has the blue flag and is cleaned daily, it also has all kinds of services and facilities, such as showers, bathrooms, restaurants, as beach bars, water sports and lifeguard services;
It is made up of 1750 meters in length and 40 in width, the best thing is that it is rarely crowded.

This is the beach of Tarragona located further north of the city, in case of going by bus, you will have to get off at the stop located at the beginning of the road that leads to the castle of Tamarit, from there.


Cala de la Roca Plana

Cala de la Roca Plana - Best beaches in Tarragona Spain

This beautiful beach in Tarragona is very close to Cala Fonda. So you can also reach it on foot, from the north side of Playa Larga and from Punta de la Mora, like “Waikiki”.

This nudist beach is extremely quiet and has the quality of having calm waters and a virgin environment which makes the green of its surroundings prevail in its landscape in contrast to the golden color of its sand. This beach has an area of ​​205 meters long by 26 m wide.


Best beaches in Tarragona Spain

  • Altafulla – Costa Dorada
  • El Miracle Tarragona
  • Arrabassada Beach Tarragona
  • Savinosa Beach
  • Cala Jovera
  • Tamarit Beach
  • Cala de la Roca Plana