Things to Do in Graz Austria

In this article, we are listing the 9 Best Things to Do in Graz Austria. Graz is Austria’s second-largest city forms the perfect mix of its historic old town, numerous cultural events and festivals, creative minds, and futuristic architecture.  Graz is the capital of culture and pleasure – but primarily a lively, colorful place that offers something for every taste. Since it was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, the old town of Graz has been particularly distinguished: from the historic center and the attractive rooftop landscape to the magnificent Eggenberg Palace. And that’s not all: Graz is also a UNESCO City of Design and the capital of pleasure. Nature and culture, on the other hand, form a unit in the Graz region: there is contemporary art and real folk culture – and a lot of cultural enjoyment, in the middle of the countryside. Graz is part of the Styria region in Austria. For more travel articles about Austria check this category. Our travel agents have listed below the best things to do in Graz.


1.Kunsthaus Graz

Things to Do in Graz Austria
Marion Schneider & Christoph Aistleitner via Wikimedia Commons

The Kunsthaus Graz emerged from a competition won by architects Peter Cook and Colin Fournier in 2000. In terms of urban planning, the house, which was initially heavily attacked not only by the population but also by the media, is wonderfully integrated into the existing context of the everyday city of Graz. The architects themselves describe the building as a “friendly alien”.


2. Eggenberg Palace

Things to Do in Graz Austria
Image by Gerhard Bögner from Pixabay

Adding Schloss Eggenberg to the existing Graz historic center entry was proposed as the house and Eggenberg family were inseparably associated with the history of Styria and its capital. The Eggenbergs exercised an important influence on the political, economic, and above all artistic development of the city for centuries, and their residence on the edge of the city is the principal witness of that. If you are near this place we suggest visiting Eggenberg Palace because is one of the best things to do in Graz Austria.


3. Schloberg

Schloberg Graz

The Schloßberg in Graz, 123 meters high, is the highest natural point in the city, starting from the main square in Graz, and offers a 360 ° panoramic view of the city of Graz and its borders. Whether visitors go on a city trip in Graz, people from Graz looking for relaxation, or families who want to go on a trip together. The Schloßberg is a well-known attraction and offers various possibilities for activities in the center of Graz.


4. Styrian Armoury Living History

Styrian Armoury Living History

Graz is home to the world’s largest historical armory with around 32,000 objects. The collection of arms is still housed in the original 17th-century mansion on Herrengasse, Graz’s main shopping street. Inside, rows and rows of shining suits of armor give to make it look like the museum is home to a silent army. You’ll also find tons of chainmail, daggers, swords, cannons, and even a body of armor for a warhorse. For this reason, you have to visit this museum because is one of the best things to do in Graz Austria. After spending an hour or two in this metallic time capsule, anyone will be ready to storm a medieval fortress.


5. Murinsel in Graz

Things to Do in Graz Austria
Image by Waldo Miguez from Pixabay

Since its construction based on a design by Vito Acconci in 2003, the year of the European Capital of Culture, the Murinsel has established itself as an icon for the design city of Graz. The futuristic island made of glass and steel symbolizes the connection between the two separate districts of Graz. For tourists, the Murinsel has always been an integral part of a city tour. In order to anchor the artificial island more firmly in the hearts of the population of Graz, the City of Design coordination office developed a new display concept after the general renovation of the island in 2016 and 2017.


6. Uhrturm

Uhrturm Graz
Photo by Josh Hild on Unsplash

Something is wrong here. What is wrong with the clock face of the Graz clock tower? A flawed landmark? By no means! If you look a little longer, you will immediately see that time has a different value here. Hours count more than minutes, and rightly so, because the space under the Graz landmark is magical, and when you turn around and let your gaze wander over the gardens and city, you know why.


7. Main Square Graz

Main Square

The bride enters the square in front of the town hall in brilliant white, flowers, and rice swirl through the air. In addition, a live hip-hop show, and at the market stalls there are juices and juicy sausages with mustard – scenes from the heart of the city, the main square of Graz, lined with magnificent buildings and crowned by the Graz town hall. You have to spend some time in the main square because is one of the best things to do in Graz Austria.


8. Graz Cathedral

Things to Do in Graz Austria
Image by Leonhard Niederwimmer from Pixabay

Royal-imperial church architecture in the Graz city crown. The Graz Cathedral should not be left out when sightseeing in Graz. You shouldn’t be fooled by the relatively reserved appearance today. The extremely exciting so-called God’s Plague picture is still outstandingly preserved as a remnant of the magnificent Gothic fresco painting. Inside the cathedral, there is a multitude of historical and ecclesiastical treasures to discover.


9. Graz Opera

Graz Opera

A lance for the opera. In addition to the imposing white building on the Ringstrasse around the city center of Graz, the sculpture “Lightsaber” refers to the protection of human rights. At the same time, it stands in exciting contrast to the adjacent opera house and is proof of the city’s cultural awareness. The opera itself, once the city theater, is now a splendid stage for breathtaking productions in Graz, ranging from musical theater to ballet, and it is part of the Europastraße historical theater. For more articles about Austria check Salzburg Region.