7 Most Beautiful Things to Do in Uppsala Sweden

Uppsala is one of Sweden’s oldest cities that offers many beautiful things to do. It was called Östra Aros until the 13th century when the name Uppsala took over. Today, this city is one of Sweden’s four major cities and is world-famous for its universities, its magnificent cathedral, and the legacy of Carl von Linné. The new Uppsala also became an important trading place, but also an educational city when the first university in the Nordic countries, Uppsala University, was founded in 1477.

Places to see in Uppsala Sweden
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Here, world-renowned researchers such as Carl von Linné, Anders Celsius, and Olof Rudbeck d.ä, worked. Characteristics of this city are the straight streets. Today, Uppsala is a modern city with a small-town feel left. Here are two universities, the archbishopric of the Church of Sweden, rich cultural life, and beautiful nature. The city is well known for its advanced research.


7 Most Beautiful Things to Do in Uppsala Sweden

  • Cathedral
  • Castle
  • Skokloster Castle
  • Gustavianum University Museum
  • Botanical Garden
  • Linnaeus garden
  • Art Museum


1. Uppsala Cathedral

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This Cathedral began to be built in the 1270s and was inaugurated in 1435. For seven centuries, millions of people have come here. 125,000 candles are lit annually in candle trees. For seven centuries, millions of people have come here. Children are baptized under the same vault as 600 years ago, married couples are married, people are handed over to God at funerals and services are celebrated. It is one of the most beautiful things to do in Uppsala Sweden.


2. Uppsala Castle

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The oldest parts of Uppsala Castle date from the 16th century. It has been the scene of many events in Swedish history and was for a long time the place where Swedish kings and queens were crowned. It is also known for the Sturemorden in 1567, the church meeting that resulted in Sweden definitely leaving Catholicism for Protestantism.


3. Skokloster Castle

Skokloster Castle
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Four towers and a mighty façade on the shores of Lake Mälaren. Inside the thick walls is one of Northern Europe’s most well-preserved baroque environments! The count and field marshal Carl Gustaf Wrangel had the castle built on the estate where he was born: Skokloster. The location, right by the sea road between Stockholm and Uppsala, was perfect for those who wanted to impress the surroundings with a sumptuous palace. We have listed it as one of the most beautiful things to do in Uppsala Sweden.


4. Gustavianum University Museum

Gustavianum University Museum
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Gustavianum is housed in Uppsala University’s oldest preserved building with the anatomical theater on the roof. The museum displays the Augsburg art cabinet, Viking-era finds, the university’s history, mummies and much more.


5. Visit Botanical Garden (That’s one of the most beautiful things to do in Uppsala)

Botanical Garden - Places to see in Uppsala
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The Botanical Garden is one of Uppsala’s main excursion destinations. Here you can enjoy the large-scale baroque garden. Visit the two-hundred-year-old orangery with its beautiful magnificent halls or find inspiration for your own cultivation among rock party plants, kitchen plants, summer plantings, and in the plant systematic neighborhoods.


6. Linnaeus garden

Linnaeus garden
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The Linnaeus Garden is located as a protected oasis inside a plank on Svartbäcksgatan. The former academy garden with Carl von Linné’s professor’s residence, exhibitions, café, and shop is open May-September. In the professor’s residence is the Linnaeus Museum, which is run by Uppsala University, on behalf of the Swedish Linnaeus Society. The museum is open to booked groups all year round.


7. Uppsala Art Museum

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Since 1995, Art Museum has been housed in Uppsala Castle and is managed by Uppsala municipality. You can visit a variety of art exhibitions over three floors in the castle.

The exhibitions represent various eras and themes that reflect developments both of our age and in the history of art locally, nationally, and internationally. There is also a museum shop.