7 Best things to do in Termoli Italy

If you are planning a tour to Molise or you simply want to start discovering this magnificent region, starting from Termoli is definitely a great idea. There are so many beautiful things to do in Termoli Italy. Termoli is the most dynamic city in the region which over the years, together with the most beautiful villages of Molise, is making its way among the Italian tourist destinations. Despite being rich in history, monuments, and traditions, Termoli has managed to maintain a genuineness that many cities overlooking the Adriatic have lost due to intense tourism. In this article, you will find out the most amazing attractions and places in the surrounding area. Termoli, thanks to its geographical position, is known to be the “Italian Greenwich”. In fact, it is precisely here that the 15th meridian east passes, the one that determines the time zone of central-western Europe the same in Paris and Berlin. Let’s discover together some of the best things to do in Termoli Italy.


7 Best things to do in Termoli Italy

  • The trebuchets
  • Swabian Castle
  • Synarch Tower
  • Montebello Tower
  • The church of Santa Maria del Canneto
  • Guardialfiera lake
  • Amphitheater of Larino


Trebuchet of Termoli

Things to do in Termoli Italy
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They are ancient fishing machines made entirely of wood, using a thick palisade driven into the rocks which ends with a platform connected to the mainland via a footbridge. Two wooden arms that stretch over the water hold a rectangular net, which, through a winch, is lowered into the water. This is one of the most interesting places for all the tourist in Termoli Italy.


Swabian Castle

Things to do in Termoli Italy
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The Swabian Castle is the symbol of the city and certainly does not go unnoticed: with its very simple and linear shapes devoid of any type of ornament and its practically impenetrable walls it is located a few steps from the Borgo Antico and directly overlooks the sea . It was built in Norman times (11th century) and was built entirely of limestone and sandstone. It is mainly divided into two structures, a central body with four rounded turrets and a central tower which currently houses the air force meteorological station.


Torre Sinarca of Termoli

Things to do in Termoli Italy
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The Sinarca tower is a watchtower adjacent to the seacoast and can be found crossing the north coast of the city of Termoli near the Sinarca stream. The turret, commonly called Torretta Saracena, has a pyramidal shape with a square base while the top is decorated with battlements typical of the Carolingian period. To date it has been completely renovated and inside there is a restaurant.


The Belvedere Tower of Termoli

Things to do in Termoli Italy
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It is a watchtower with a square base and spread over two levels connected by a spiral staircase. The walls are made of bricks, with signs of cracks for housing rafters, the roof is terraced and was once crowned with merlons, now no longer visible. In order to access the tower there is a staircase that leads to the entrance door where once there was a drawbridge with the coat of arms of the Battiloro family.


The church of Santa Maria del Canneto

Things to do in Termoli Italy
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The church stands not far from the Trigno river in an area where there is a cane thicket to which it owes its name. Outside it is completely in Romanesque style and with a bell tower. The interior with three naves is in turn divided into arches supported by Romanesque columns and, of particular interest, there is the wooden statue of the Virgin and Child.


Guardialfiera lake of Termoli

Things to do in Termoli Italy
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Lake Guardalfiera is an artificial lake created by the construction of a dam on the Biferno river. The nature that surrounds it and its crystal clear waters make it an unmissable stop from a landscape point of view, in our opinion. In summer during dry periods, near Monte Peloso emerge the remains of an ancient Roman bridge, also known as Hannibal’s Bridge, where according to tradition Hannibal marched with his troops to go to Puglia during the Second Punic War.


Amphitheater of Larino Termoli

Things to do in Termoli Italy
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The amphitheater was built between 80 and 150 AD, could hold up to 18,000 spectators and is partly dug out of the tuff and partly made up of surrounding walls. It has an elliptical plan, with four doors arranged at the ends of each corner. The north gate is the “Gladiator Gate” and allowed access to the procession that preceded the games and the exit of the winning gladiators, while the south one was used to bring out the remains of animals fallen in battle during the demonstrations and the bodies of dead gladiators. The square pit in the center was probably used to lift the animal cages. This is one of the most best things to do in Termoli Italy in Termoli Italy.