Things to do in Arbon Switzerland

Arbon Switzerland in Canton of Thurgau is a charming holiday place on Lake Constance. The many green spaces and a lakeshore path over three kilometers long invite pedestrians, cyclists and inline skaters alike to stroll and linger. Below we are listing best things to do in Arbon Switzerland.

In addition to a historic old town and many shopping opportunities, Arbon also offers various events throughout the year that are well worth a visit.

The third largest city in the Canton of Thurgau Switzerland on the southern shore of Lake Constance looks back on a rich history.

Things to do in Arbon Switzerland 3

Due to the location near the border triangle, excursions across the border to Germany or Austria are also possible.


Obersee Bodensee Thurgau – Lake Constance

Things to do in Arbon Switzerland

Active cities in a celebratory mood, cultural highlights, historical buildings, water fun and shore excursions with sea feeling – this list could go on and on. And it still doesn’t describe the diversity of the Upper Lake Constance region.

There’s something in the air at Lake Constance. Perhaps it is the fresh breeze from the lake that “ventilates” your head, but perhaps it is also the diverse range of activities and sights that make this region so attractive.

This unique lake panorama, garnished with the special view of the Alps, would in itself be sufficient as a tourist attraction.The Obersee region packs a lot of other attractions on top of that.


Excursion destinations

Excursion destinations

Arbon’s best location on the dazzling, wide Lake Constance simply allows nothing other than: into, on or to the water!

From Steinach via Arbon to almost Egnach you can stroll along the shores of Lake Constance through avenues of chestnut trees, flowery parks, along extensive playgrounds , bathing beaches and nature reserves.


MoMö – Juice shop

MoMö - Juice shop

The Swiss MoMö cider and distillery museum in Arbon makes it possible to experience apples and traditional and modern juice production in Thurgau.

From the blossom on the tree to the Shorley in the bottle, the entire world of the apple, the role of bees and their care, as well as everything to do with apple juice, can be discovered interactively with all your senses.

As soon as it opened, MoMö 2019 won the XAVER Prize, the Swiss Award for Excellence in Live Communication. The world of apples is also a theme in the form of a scavenger hunt on the Detective Badger Trail .


Historical Museum

Historical Museum

Arbon Castle is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The largest local and regional history museum in Thurgau awaits the visitor in the medieval Arbon Castle with its defense tower.

The many original finds, documents, true-to-scale models, pictures and photos are here and there with a wink with comparable objects of our day.

Various departments in the mighty tower show everyday life and society from bygone times, water supply, church and castle history, local weapons, climatic leaps at the lake. The ascent to the tower room is rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view, this is why Arbon Castle is one of best things to do in Arbon Switzerland.


Arbon swimming pool

Things to do in Arbon Switzerland

Situated directly on Lake Constance, the modern Arbon lido offers a wide range of facilities including a giant slide, diving tower, swimming pool for swimmers and non-swimmers, barbecue area and pool kiosk.

Arbon lido makes for an exciting day out both in and by the water. Directly on Lake Constance, easily accessible from the port by way of the landing stages, you will find a modern and generously dimensioned bathing complex with over 250 metres of access to the lake, rafts and buoys.


Christmas Markets in Arbon

Christmas Markets in Arbon

In the heart of the medieval old town is the fish market square, which is closely surrounded by houses.

Where there used to be markets, there are still atmospheric flea markets four times a year in May, June, September and October. The picturesque place gives them a particularly beautiful atmosphere.

But Arbon also has an Easter and Christmas market. These are characterized by their lovingly homemade products from the region such as culinary, knitted, woody or handicrafts.


Adolf Saurer AG

Things to do in Arbon Switzerland

One of the most interesting families that shaped the past of the city of Arbon was the Saurer family. Your company, Adolf Saurer AG, was the most important Swiss manufacturer of trucks for a long time.

The Saurer Museum makes this past tangible and guides you through the history of the motor vehicles manufactured in Arbon and later also textile machines.

Today there is no longer any production in Arbon, but various buildings and squares still remind of the era. This place is one of best things to do in Arbon. Those interested can learn more about this piece of industrial history on guided city tours.



Celebrating festivals is something that is done with passion in Arbon. You can look in wherever a chair is in front of it. Every two years at the Arbon Classic, classic vehicles on land, in the air and on the water are brought out and brought to new life.

The Summerdays Festival brings well-known musicians to the stage right on the shores of Lake Constance and the Slow up makes athletes’ hearts beat faster. On a Sunday, 40 kilometers of road belong to cycling, skating and walking alone.


Arbon – Seepark

Arbon - Seepark

Arbon has designated the entire Seepark (see detailed map) as a free-range zone. Dogs are very welcome here!

A wonderful place right on the lake with fire pits, beach volleyball court, skate park and a spacious meadow area offers the whole family a relaxed and varied excursion!

There is also an outdoor swimming pool right next to it (here without dogs).