The 10 BEST Things to do in Bath (England – UK)

Everyone can find something in Bath, shopping, nightlife, live entertainment, and unique tours. For these reasons, we have listed the 10 best things to do in Bath England. Bath is the home of over 500 historically significant sites. Bath has an ancient Roman history, Georgian buildings, a Medieval Cathedral, Roman baths, thermae bath spa. Bath is a small, tiny city, with over 80.000 and you can go around the city for only 20 minutes. The city of Bath is located in southern England and it is a World Heritage Site.  Let’s discover together The 10 Best Things to do in Bath England.


The 10 Best Things to Do in Bath (England – UK)

  • Ancient Roman Baths
  • Thermae Bath Spa
  • Pulteney Bridge of Bath
  • Bath Abbey
  • Bath Royal Crescent
  • Bath Christmas Market
  • Green Street in Bath
  • River Avon (Bath Cruises & boat tours)
  • Gorge at Sally Lunn’s
  • Royal Bath Theatre


1. Ancient Roman Baths

Most beautiful Things to do in Bath England
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Ancient Roman baths are perhaps the most famous tourist attraction in Bath. Inside the Ancient Roman Baths there is the temple of Minerva at Aquae Sulis. You can walk during your visit on the same paths that Romans did in the 1st century CE. It is not allowed to go inside the water. Ancient Roman Bath is UNESCO World Heritage Site.


2. Thermae Bath Spa

BEST Things to do in Bath
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Thermae Bath Spa is modern and one of the favorite places for every tourist. The spa has a stunning air rooftop to look the amazing view of the city of Bath, the water is warm, and you can relax inside the pool. The water of the Thermae Bath Spa is rich with minerals which make it healthy and a perfect place to go.


3. Pulteney Bridge

Pulteney Bridge of Bath
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If you go to Bath you will see Pulteney Bridge for sure. It was completed 250 years ago and looks like Ponte Vecchio in Florence. With classic Georgian elements, Pulteney Bridge was funded by landowner William Pulteney, it is an 18th-century construction. Around the bridge, there are many shops so it is a perfect way to have some shopping in Bath.


4. Bath Abbey – Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul

Bath Abbey - Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul
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Bath Abbey was founded in the 7th century, and it is one of the highest buildings in Bath. It was constructed with Bath stone which is very special and has a distinct color. This stone is built in every building in Bath and this stone is protected. You can go to the top of the Abbey to have an amazing look at the city, light a candle for a loved one, admire the architecture, or listen to the history.


5. Royal Crescent

BEST Things to do in Bath
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The Royal Crescent is one of the most famous streets in England. It was built in the 1770s, its curving row is made of 30 uniform Georgian townhouses. Many of the townhouses in the Royal Crescent are private homes, but the first one is now a museum. The museum shows the Georgian culture in the late 18th century.


6. Bath Christmas Market

Christmas Market
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Bath Christmas Market is one of the most beautiful Christmas markets in the UK. All the squares and the street near the Abbey become a giant holiday Christmas festival. All you can find in the market is totally unique, handcrafted, or artisan.


7. Green Street

Most beautiful Things to do in Bath England
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Green Street is the perfect place to go shopping. There are many shops and restaurants, so you can even enjoy the traditional food of Bath.


8. River Avon (Bath Cruises & boat tours)

BEST Things to do in Bath
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You can take a cruise to enjoy the River Avon. You can have a nice time, have a drink, relax and if the weather is good you are lucky. Visitors can choose between informative guided tours, and adults-only cruises with prosecco included, or they can hire a private boat for a truly unique experience. We suggest trying boat tours because is one of the most beautiful things to do in Bath England.


9. Gorge at Sally Lunn’s

Gorge at Sally Lunn’s
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Sally Lunn’s is much more than a world-famous tea and eating house in the center of the wonderful city of Bath England. Our historic building is one of the oldest houses in Bath. Our kitchen museum shows the actual kitchen used by the legendary young Huguenot baker Sally Lunn in Georgian Bath to create the first Bath Bunn – an authentic regional specialty now known the world over.


10. Royal Bath Theatre

Royal Bath Theatre
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Theatre Royal Bath offers a 1-year program of theatre, opera, and comedy. The Egg is a special theatre for young people, with puppet shows, and classic work. Everyone can find a show in the Royal Bath Theatre.