8 Best Places to visit in Namur Belgium

Our bloggers have listed the most interesting places to visit in Namur Belgium. Located just sixty kilometers from Brussels, this ancient Roman city retains many vestiges of its glorious past. It is the capital of the Wallonia region of Belgium.

Places to visit in Namur Belgium
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There are too many places to visit in Namur Belgium. From the Place d’Armes, to the bridge of Jambes or the Liberation, passing by the cathedral of St-Aubain and of course its sumptuous Citadel dating from the Middle Ages, Namur has no shortage of unmissable places to visit.

For food lovers, Namur has many quality restaurants, which have won many awards. Namur is located in the French-speaking part of the kingdom of Belgium, in Wallonia.  It hosts, in fact, within its walls, the Parliament of Wallonia. For more travel articles about Belgium check this category.  Below you will find a list of  places to visit in Namur Belgium.


1. Citadel of Namur

Citadel of Namur
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You cannot visit Namur without visiting the Citadel imagined by Vauban and Coehoorn is undoubtedly the essential visit to do in Namur. In the heart of Europe, this vestige of the Middle Ages has long occupied a strategic position in Belgium. The Citadel is now listed as a heritage site in Wallonia. A small train allows you to move easily through the site. This is one of places to visit in Namur Belgium.


2. Old Namur

Old Namur
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During your stay in the Walloon capital, a stroll through old Namur is a must. You will stroll through its old quarters, with entirely pedestrian streets. You will discover magnificent monuments and buildings, witnesses of the sumptuous past of the city. From the Place d’Armes, you will go to the Belfry, visit the Theatre, the Parliament of Wallonia, the Place de l’Ange square, or even the Saint-Aubain Cathedral and the Provincial Palace.


3. The Rops Museum

The Rops Museum - Places to visit in Namur Belgium
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Here is another must-see museum to do in Namur. This museum retraces the story of the life of the artist Félicien Rops, originally from Namur and exhibits his works, including the surprising Lady with a Pig.


4. Namur boat tour

A cruise on the Meuse
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This is an essential activity for visiting Namur with the family. Several cruises are offered from Namur to discover the Meuse and its environment. Count about two hours of walk. An ideal excursion for young and old.


5. Namur Cathedral

Namur Cathedral
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The Saint-Aubain cathedral dates from the 18th century (1751-1767) and like many buildings of this period we find several styles there: baroque, rococo touches without forgetting a touch of classical architecture. The building is 78 meters long, 29 of which are reserved for the choir where the stalls are installed.


6. Castle of Corroy-le-Château

Castle of Corroy-le-Château - Places to visit in Namur Belgium
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Built around 1270 by Count Philippe de Vianden, this lowland castle is one of the finest examples of princely medieval architecture in Wallonia. Having never been sold, the castle was transmitted by direct descent and is currently inhabited by the Marquis de Trazegnies, descendants of the builder and successors of Orbais, Brabant, Vianden, Sponheim, Bavaria and Nassau. The large hall and the chapel have a charming decor where rare marbles and decorative paintings alternate.


7. The Searching for Utopia statue by Jean Fabre

The Searching for Utopia statue by Jean Fabre
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Visiting Namur without coming to discover the astonishing statue Searching for Utopia by Jean Fabre, not far from the Citadel, is unthinkable. Plus, it’s impossible to miss! It is, in fact, a giant turtle, in gilded bronze, ridden by a character who is none other than Jean Fabre himself.


8. Les Jardins d’Annevoie

For 250 years, in Annevoie, nature animates, without machinery, unique water games in style gardens. In order to respect the fauna and the flore of the Annevoie Gardens, we work naturally and biologically without any phytosanitaire products (pesticides and weedkillers) and we mow lately.


8 Best Places to visit in Namur Belgium

  • Citadel of Namur
  • Old Namur
  • The Rops Museum
  • A cruise on the Meuse
  • Namur Cathedral
  • Castle of Corroy-le-Château
  • The Searching for Utopia statue by Jean Fabre
  • Les Jardins d’Annevoie