Næstved – Town in Denmark – Top tourist attractions

Before your trip in Næstved is better to read this article to find some of the things to do in Næstved Denmark. A visit to Næstved is ideal for combining shopping, nature, culture and a host of activities for the whole family. Næstved Denmark is full of tourist attractions and Sightseeing. In the heart of Næstved, you will find the city centre, which offers both historic and modern surroundings.

Næstved - Town in Denmark - Top tourist attractions

Here you can experience the city’s market days, cozy specialty shops, cafes, and eateries as well as a lot of art that is both hidden in the city square and on the large gables of the buildings. If you look closer at the city, it is easy to see its medieval history. The names of two of the city’s most central squares – Axeltorv and Hjultorvet – are also a reference to the squares’ former use, when farmers drove into the city to sell their produce.


1. Gavnø Castle

Gavnø Castle
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Gavnø Castle is a beautiful fairytale castle in rococo style, which was built more than 600 years ago. The castle, which originally served as a nunnery for noble maidens, is today one of Næstved’s landmarks, and offers many exciting events throughout the year. Here you can experience one of South Coast Denmark’s real gems.


2. Enø

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The small fishing village situated right next to the Smålandsfarvandet has a wonderful atmosphere with bathing life, campsite and restaurants, cafes and mini golf. Here you will find a selection of wonderful restaurants and cafes right down to the canal, where you can enjoy a delicious meal. This is also where you will find Enø Bakery, which tempts with beautiful, homemade ice cream that is famous far beyond the borders of South Zealand.


3. Næstved Museum

Næstved Museum
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Næstved Museum The Holy Spirit House is the only preserved Holy Spirit House in Denmark. In Helligåndshuset, you will find the history of Næstved from the Ice Age to the present, as well as cultural history exhibitions related to the history of the Næstved region. In the Middle Ages, there were holy spirit houses in many market towns, and they functioned as a hospital and nursing home for the poor. It was volunteers who looked after orphans, lost children and the sick and elderly.


4. Gavnø Castle Park

Gavnø Castle Park
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Gavnø Slotspark is called Denmark’s most beautiful garden. The castle park forms the setting for Denmark’s largest tulip festival every spring and a brightly colored lily festival every summer. Events that attract tourists from home and abroad. Every year, new beds are created in effects and color play, so that no two seasons are the same. It is one of the things to do in Næstved Denmark.


5. Næstved Zoopark

Næstved Zoopark
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In Zoopark you can experience dangerous, funny and exciting animals. Come face to face with our rare white tiger Elvis, experience the funny monkeys swinging around and see giant rattlesnakes. Zoopark is a modern zoo that prioritizes the welfare of the animals. The animals in our park have large natural facilities where they live as naturally as possible and are activated daily.


6. The Knight’s House

The Knight's House
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The Knight’s House is located in Riddergade in Næstved and is a beautiful half-timbered building that dates from the Renaissance. The house is dated to 1520, the majority of which is from around 1600 and has been listed since 1918. The house is located between the red warehouse and the Apostelhuset.


7. Næstved City

Næstved City
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Næstved City offers plenty of good shopping opportunities in wonderful specialist shops. Every Wednesday and Saturday there is a market on Axeltorv in the center of the city, where traders can buy fresh fruit and vegetables, beautiful flowers, fresh fish and cheese. The square trade has always been part of trade in Næstved right back to 1135 when Næstved got its market town rights.


8. Vesterhave Beach

Vesterhave Beach
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Vesterhave Strand is the perfect beach when you are in Karerbæksminde, but can’t stand too many people. You can park at Molen, stejleplasen or Enø Strand, where you will also find toilets. If you go out a little, past seaweed and rocks, you will come to the most beautiful sandy beach under the surface of the sea.


9. Næstved Art City

Næstved Art City
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Næstved Art City is an art project throughout Næstved city which is created by international artists who would not normally come past Næstved. Among other things, the project was established to inspire the local youth and to decorate some of the dull and forgotten surfaces in the city with both national and international art, especially with a focus on graffiti culture.


10. Rønnebæksholm Art Museum

Rønnebæksholm Art Museum
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In the atmospheric rooms of the main building, where Grundtvig lived in the middle of the 19th century and was inspired for several of his hymns, changing art exhibitions are shown today, where contemporary art challenges and is challenged. Rønnebæksholm’s exhibitions alternate between solo exhibitions with leading artists, thematic exhibitions and exhibitions where a historical period or artist is brought into play about the present.