Most beautiful beaches in Menton France

In this article is our list of most beautiful beaches in Menton France. A well-preserved city, located on the borders of Italy, the Principality of Monaco and the County of Nice.

It benefits from a benefactor subtropical microclimate which makes it almost ignore winter. Menton is classified as a station of tourist interest. Indeed, the city is very beautiful, but it also benefits from a subtropical micro climate, pleasant all year round. Menton is situated in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region on the French Riviera.

Most beautiful beaches in Menton France
Photo by Amira El Fohail on Unsplash

Visiting Menton is a pure moment of happiness. First of all, it is a pleasure for the eyes, with its historic center and its old facades in soft pastel colours. It is also the wonder, facing the vegetation and the famous lush gardens.

But Menton is also known worldwide for its famous lemon festival. And then, impossible not to mention the very beautiful beaches of Menton. We have listed below best beaches in Menton France.


1. Casino de Menton beach

Casino de Menton

Casino de Menton beach , made up mainly of large pebbles, has an access ramp for people with reduced mobility. Swimming is supervised in season, which makes it a place suitable for families. You will find toilets and showers on site, as well as restaurants nearby.


2. Fossan Beach, Menton

Fossan Beach

Fossan Beach is non-smoking. It is located near the Jean Cocteau museum and is bordered by a large wooden esplanade which can also accommodate sunbathers. Swimming is supervised in summer.


3. Rondelli beach, Menton

Rondelli beach, Menton

Rondelli beach has nothing to envy its sister in terms of panorama: the view of the old town is breathtaking. The public part is made up of sand. This place is perfectly suited to families, with its pedestrian surroundings, its lifeguard station, its amenities.


4. Hawaii beach, Menton

Hawaii beach

Hawaii beach , barely a kilometer from Italy, is wilder and narrower. Not suitable for families, it is also less crowded. Showers are available on site. It is one of the most beautiful beaches Menton France.


5. Borrigo beach, Menton

Borrigo beach is made up of pebbles. It offers a nice width and seduces by its easy access. This beach is situated in Menton, towards Roquebrune Cap Martin after Casino beach. The first section is broad and covered in pebbles. Borrigo beach bears a semblance with Market and Casino beach. To access this beach from the town, go towards Monaco through the seacoast


6. Menton Market Beach, Menton

Menton Market Beach, Menton

Menton Market Beach is wider, and more comfortable conditions with smaller pebbles. Various disabled accesses have been provided. Bathers can find showers, toilets, as well as a lifeguard station providing supervised swimming in season.


7. Les Sablettes, Menton

Les Sablettes, Menton - Most beautiful beaches in Menton France

Les Sablettes stretch for nearly 350 meters. It is certainly the most beautiful of the beaches of Menton, as it offers a beautiful view of the mountains of the Southern Alps and the colorful houses. It is bordered by the Promenade de la Mer, redesigned in 2019. Swimmers can swim in the Mediterranean in complete safety.


8. The Plage des Chiens, Menton

The Plage des Chiens, Menton

The Plage des Chiens, as its name suggests, is reserved for our best friends. Swimming is not supervised there, but you can enjoy the joys of swimming with your dog. Showers are available for your comfort.