Dieppe – Town and Seaport in France – Things to Do

Have you ever asked yourself what to do in Dieppe? Well, this article is just for you, here you will find tips about 10 things to do in Dieppe France. Dieppe is a beautiful seaside resort known throughout France. This city is located in Normandy, and every year it sees many tourists strolling its streets, thanks to its port, its architecture, its panoramas, and its many activities. There are also many cultural places to visit if you prefer to relax while sharing a piece of history. In any case, you will have access to large dream beaches, just for you!

10 Things to do in Dieppe France
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Easy to access, the city is located less than 200 km from Paris. It is ideal for getting some fresh air and getting away from your daily life while visiting dreamlike landscapes. It was in Dieppe that the first sea bathing began at the beginning of the 19th century. In 1936, paid vacations made it a popular destination. More than 100,000 people come each year (in November) to attend the Herring and Scallop Festival. Here more than elsewhere, herring occupied a predominant place. Until the 1970s, what we nickname here “the kingfish” was the engine of the local economy. The scallop is associated with this event since Dieppe is the leading French port in this area.


The PNT has prepared a guide of 10 things to do in Dieppe France:

  1. Dieppe beach
  2. The Château-Museum of Dieppe
  3. The Saint-Jacques Church
  4. The Saint-Rémy church
  5. The castle museum
  6. The City of the Sea
  7. The Château de Miromesnil
  8. The Dieppe market
  9. Agapanthus Garden
  10. The woods of Moutiers


Dieppe beach

10 Things to do in Dieppe France
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We couldn’t start this top without talking about Dieppe Beach. To describe it in a word: a natural expanse that extends over more than 1500 meters, composed of pebbles with orange and grayish hues, so typical of traditional seascapes. The beach itself is a painting, a work of natural art. You can walk along this beach to enjoy the air and sea spray. After a few minutes, believe us: you will feel invigorated and full of energy. Enjoying the vast pebble beach is one of the main activities to do in Dieppe with children or family! It extends from the port to the cliffsYou will also find several other activities there, ideal for visiting Dieppe with the family, such as mini-golf or the outdoor swimming pool.


The Saint-Jacques Church

10 Things to do in Dieppe France
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Built-in 1195 in place of a building destroyed by a fire, the Saint-Jacques church was remodeled over the centuries: a central portal from the 14th century, topped by a beautiful rose window, 41 m high square tower from the 15th century, apse and radiating chapels from the 16th century. Which clearly shows the desire to build a gigantic building. And we can tell you, yes, this church is big. With 30 meters wide, 82 meters long, and 42 meters high the bell tower, the nave, and the organ are the main treasures of this enormous Gothic church. Founded in 1168, the Saint-Jacques church in Dieppe burned in 1195. It is from this period, or rather from the first years of the 13th century, that the oldest parts of this monumental church date, although largely remodeled during the 15th and 16th centuries. Externally, you will admire the tiered effect of its facade, with its three portals surmounted by a large rose dominated by the semi-finished bell tower. Inside, do not miss, the choir chapels, built in the 16th century, the large sculpted ensemble that is the frieze of the Savages, testimony to the participation of Dieppe in the great movement of exploration of the globe.


The Saint-Rémy church

10 Things to do in Dieppe France
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The Saint-Rémy church is part of the city’s cultural heritage, and it bears witness to the fascinating history of the region. Built in the 16th century, many elements have added to the charm of this magnificent building, despite the time when it was built. Indeed, its construction was interrupted in the 17th century because of the incessant wars of religion. A Gothic-style church, its fine vaults, and ornate pillars will take your breath away. The tombs and large musical instruments will also amaze you with their grandeur and immensity. The axial chapel, a sort of choir of the church dedicated to the Virgin Mary, surrounded by 5 large stained glass windows depicting certain moments from the Bible, are also masterpieces not to be missed. Indeed, this axial chapel is made of white marble and covered in gold, enough to offer a vision that is undoubtedly worth the detour.


The Castle Museum of Dieppe

The Castle Museum of Dieppe

This destination is a must-see in the city of Dieppe. It is a kind of citadel, created in a fortified castle dating from the 14th century. Why a castle museum? Quite simply because this building has at its heart a huge collection of more than 25,000 objects. This vast collection is distributed among several thematic rooms, divided according to the theme. You will therefore be able to discover stories about the Dieppe navy, but also about the history of commerce in the city and its region. Dieppe Castle is hard to miss: an impressive block of stone, built to withstand the repeated assaults of wind and rain, it overlooks the city, which will offer you a magnificent view when you visit it. Made of flint and sandstone, its structure is very resistant and robust because this castle was built just after the 100 Years’ War, in a war context. Come visit the city’s most important monument.


The City of the Sea

10 Things to do in Dieppe France
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Museographic, scientific, and technical space around the sea, fishing, onboard technology, and aquariums. The gate of the West Port known as “the Tourelles” is the only one of the six gates of the city that remains from the enclosure, fortified in the 14th century. Managed by the Estran association, the Cité de la Mer de Dieppe offers numerous activities for young and old, guided tours, discovery classes, educational workshops, etc. It is divided into several spaces, allowing you to have a global vision of the sea world and its multiple activities. The aquarium area, the largest, includes no less than five pools (including one tactile), the fisheries biology area contains breeding aquariums and a fish tank, there is also a cliffs and pebbles area, a fishing industry area, a shipbuilding area (history and evolution of boat manufacturing techniques) and temporary exhibitions throughout the year. The association also offers social support, through the implementation of integration projects.


The Château de Miromesnil

10 Things to do in Dieppe France
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Birthplace of Guy de Maupassant, this 16th-century castle keeps the mark of the Marquis de Miromesnil and Maupassant. 15 minutes from Dieppe, stop off at Varengeville-sur-Mer. You won’t regret the detour! It is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful viewpoints on the Alabaster Coast. The church and its marine cemetery superbly dominate the coast. Inside, there is a stained glass window signed by Georges Braque. Not far from there, plants flourish. The Parc du Bois des Moutiers is one of the most visited gardens in France. It houses an impressive collection of giant rhododendrons. The Shamrock Garden houses the largest collection of hydrangeas in the world. The north facade, on the other hand, rebuilt in cut stone after 1640, testifies to the change in taste. It was there that Guy de Maupassant was born in 1850. This castle is worth the detour, you will be pleasantly surprised by its beauty and its architecture.


The Dieppe market

10 Things to do in Dieppe France
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The Dieppe market is one of the largest markets in the country, and this is partly thanks to its geographical position: between land and sea, you can enjoy local products from the Normandy region, but also different morsels of cattle breeds and the catch of the day. It is also the largest open-air market in Normandy, which partly explains its attendance. It is the ideal place to find fresh fish caught the same morning or the day before, and to taste the seafood products of this town with its special charm. It is one of the 10 things to do in Dieppe France recommended by us.


Agapanthus Garden

Agapanthus Garden
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Created around fifteen years ago by a landscape architect, Alexandre Thomas, the Agapanthe garden aims to be the heir and extender of the abundant welcome of English gardens. Composed of stages with varied atmospheres, it is divided into terraces and develops over a limited surface area, 6000 m2, but is structured into mazes and small passages which give it an intimate character. Bodies of water and embankments partition the different groups, giving an illusion of space.


The woods of Moutiers

The woods of Moutiers
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To get some fresh air, there’s nothing better than walking in the forest. and that’s a good thing! You will have the full opportunity to enjoy the Moutiers woods, which are just a few minutes walk from Dieppe. This large natural green space, and the immense marine panorama as a bonus, will offer you a moment of pure admiration. The Moutiers woods are also filled with many plants, such as rhododendrons or magnolias, but also many rose bushes. This wood with its old and calm style will allow you to rest while admiring the complex layout of the different buildings. Among things to do in Dieppe, visiting the Woods of  Moutiers is a must-do during your visit.