Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

In this article our bloggers have listed best restaurants in Tirana Albania. But first let’s say a few words about this wonderful city. “A vibrant and colorful city” that give some impression of the culture, passion and enjoyment to be found in the city.

You will find too many attractions, museums and surrounding castles or an evening at clubs, bars and restaurants in the most trendiest parts of the city. In Tirana you’re able to enjoy incredible meals for a fraction of what they would cost elsewhere.

Most meals at high-end restaurants in Tirana range from 7-9 Euro, and street food can be found for less than 1.5 euro. Tirana is the capital of Albania and also the main economic, social and cultural center of the country. Below we are listing best restaurants in Tirana for Italian food, Traditional food, Japanese food, Pizza, Mexican food and more.


1.ERA Vila And ERA Blloku Restaurant

ERA - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

Era is and will remain for many years a leader in the field of food service. The first in the unique style of restaurants, the only one in the top quality of the catering service and uncompromising in the delivery service.

Era is the company of high standards of service, new ideas and maximum customer care.Era aims to be one of the best models of the Albanian business. Sensitive to the consumer, responsive to product quality and contributing to the social in needs. If you want to taste traditional albanian cousine, Era is one of the best restaurants in Tirana you can go.


2.Artigiano Vila And Artigiano Blloku Restaurant

Artigiano - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

Two years after the opening of Artigiano at Blloku, the number of people queuing outside for a table, kept growing. The love and cherishment of our clients, inspired us to open a second restaurant.

And we decided to do it ‘a la grande’. In 2015, we found a Tuscan villa, build in the ’40s for an aristocratic family at the time. As soon as we saw it, we felt the magic of old wood, decorated tiles, hand painted windows and the lilac tree that blossoms in our front yard every spring. Preserving its beauty and grace, we reconstructed and transformed it into a charming restaurant. Artigiano Vila opened its doors in May 2015.



Yamato - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

One of the best restaurant in Tirana for Japanese Cuisine lovers. Located in the Ish-Bllok area, Yamato is the first restaurant that brought to Albania an Asian food as popular as sushi. With a strategic location in one of the busiest areas in the capital, Yamato brought Japanese cuisine to Tirana for the first time along with chef Ronnie, the only indigenous chef of Japanese cuisine in the country.

Since June 2008, Yamato has been a major player in Japanese restaurants operating in the capital. Always distinguished for the maximum quality of the selected products, the fantastic menu where you can try some of the typical Japanese food and enjoy all kinds of sushi, Yamato always remains one of your favorite places.

Having quality and standard as the keywords of his work, Yamato always maintains its good name and the selected clientele. Soon, Yamato will have another location, coming up with a new and full of innovation concept.


Mado - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

We are the people behind sushi for all mankind. Our mission is to satisfy our guests with the best food quality, excellent service and great value while providing a pleasant and clean ambiance for an unforgettable dining experience.

Mado Fusion Restaurant’s diverse menu showcases traditional and innovative Japanese cuisine. Complimenting that, Mado Fusion also boasts an impressive beverage and happy hour program featuring classic cocktails, wine and beer, as well as Japanese-inspired drinks.

We are proud to be serving Japanese cuisine that everyone around the table will enjoy and love at Tirana, Abania.

5.Oda – Traditional Albanian Cuisine

Oda - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

Guests book a table for tasty dishes here and enjoy the sights of TID Tower. Visitors can eat tasty stuffed lamb at this restaurant. A lot of visitors order delicious house wine, rakia or beer. You will appreciate the spectacular decor and comfortable atmosphere of this place.


Golosa - Best restaurants in Tirana AlbaniaSpecial pizzas baked in a wood oven, you will also find a wide variety of our menu, such as: soups, salads, pasta, fish, etc. We rely on fresh products. For Golosa, quality is above all!

7.Ceren Ismet Shehu

Ceren - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

Ceren Ismet Shehu is located in a typical Albanian welcoming space, service, music and round tables, along with local produce, offer an interesting culinary experience.

The cooking is served in a special way between modern and traditional, with delicious meat, fli in saç, pie, blueberry / walnut cheese, etc. The products used, such as eggs, cheese, wine, brandy, etc., are collected every morning in the families of the surrounding area.

8.Kripe dhe piper

Kripe & Piper - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

“Good things are not always expensive! A special restaurant by two masterchefs Alfio Rrotani and Indrit Cela! We are waiting for you!” A high-class Italian restaurant, characterized by a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for its customers, and not only distinguished by that.

The restaurant is unique in its menu of Italian, Mediterranean and seafood dishes such as delicious ravioli and sea bream perfectly cooked and others, and the best dessert is delicious ice cream.


9.Serendipity the Mexican

Serendipity the Mexican - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

One of the best restaurant in Tirana for Mexican food lovers. Great place and really good food. I’ve been coming to this place for years and they have maintained the food quality. Service is also really good, which is rare in Albania. This place offers great service with a wonderfully unique Mediterranean twist on Mexican food.



Fishop - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

One of the best restaurant in Tirana for fresh sea food. A thoroughly contemporary setting and a menu which includes mostly everything a fish-enthusiast would want to taste have made Fishop one of the capital’s landmarks regarding seafood. In addition to the delicious food, its location right by the sea and the warm breeze during the numerous warm months make this restaurant the ideal spot for feeding all senses. Fishop is one of the best restaurant in Tirana for fresh sea food.



Saporita - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

Many varieties of pizza selection. Good and plenty of ingredients used. Saporita is one of the best restaurant in Tirana for pizza lovers. Very nice place where you can enjoy food with your friends or family. The staff is well organized and very professional.


12. Salt

Salt - Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

One of the best restaurant in Tirana for Mediterranean cuisine, seafood dishes, and sushi. Suppose fish and seafood is your thing, head over to Salt Restaurant, one of the best restaurants of its kind in the Tirana city center. Located in the vibrant Blloku neighborhood, it serves delectable Mediterranean cuisine, seafood dishes, and sushi.

Fresh seasonal produce and other high-quality ingredients are used to create a modern and outstanding menu. It’s a recommended place to go for lunch and dinner, while the well-stocked bar provides amazing cocktails, wines, and other drinks.


Best restaurants in Tirana Albania

  1. ERA Vila And ERA Blloku Restaurant
  2. Artigiano Vila And Artigiano Blloku Restaurant
  3. Yamato
  4. Mado
  5. Oda – Traditional Albanian Cuisine
  6. Golosa
  7. Ceren Ismet Shehu
  8. Kripe dhe piper
  9. Serendipity the Mexican
  10. Fishop
  11. Saporita
  12. Salt