Places to Visit in Neuchatel, Switzerland

The name of Neuchatel sometimes being referred by the German name “Neuenburg” means “New Castle”. In this article we are listing best places to visit in Neuchatel, Switzerland.

Neuchatel is placed in Canton of Neuchatel. Known as an alluring medieval waterfront city with a rich history dating back to 13,000 BC. Also, it boasts the delightful Old Castle that gave its name to the town as well as the lake.

Substantially, Neuchatel offers a peaceful environment, which possesses an incredible array of breathtaking and various landscapes. Neuchatel Lake and the reachable mountains are perfect for outdoor activities in a blissful setting.


1.Neuchatel Castle – Château de Neuchâtel

Best Places to Visit in Neuchatel, Switzerland

Neuchâtel Castle is located at the eastern end of a ridge overlooking the heart of the city. It is organized around two courtyards: the main one in the center, and a small courtyard greatly reduced in height in the 20th century.

Le Locle. © Tourisme neuchâteloisResidence of the lords, then counts of Neuchâtel from the end of the 12th century, the current castle has been occupied since the 16th century by governors, by service accommodation and, for at least two centuries, by the cantonal administration. According to our opinion, Neuchâtel Castle is one of the best places to visit in Neuchatel.

Most of the buildings date back to the 15th century; a Roman building, from the end of the 12th century, is the oldest civil building in Switzerland in continuous use.


2.Neuchatel Old Town (That’s one best places to visit in Neuchatel)

Located directly on the lake shore and dominated by the castle and Collegiale Church, the millennium-old Old Town built of yellow sandstone is a maze of narrow streets and alleyways that take the visitor from one discovery to another.

Neuchatel Old Town

Neuchâtel is a real little unspoilt gem with a medieval background. The city, with its secular patrimony, celebrated its millennium in 2011.

With its privileged location on the lake of the same name, its narrow cobblestone streets and its bustling pedestrian zone, the city enables visitors to immerse themselves in a magical medieval atmosphere.


3. Le Locle – Watchmaking town

Best Places to Visit in Neuchatel, Switzerland
Le Locle. © Tourisme neuchâtelois

Explore a UNESCO town that was made by and for clock-making. A guided walk through the streets of Le Locle will help you understand the close links between the watchmaking tradition and the urban landscape.

Le Locle’s urban development, profoundly influenced by watchmaking expertise, is a registered UNESCO World Heritage site. For this reason we think that Le Locle is one of the best places to visit in Neuchatel. Location


4. Jeunes-Rives beach – Lake Neuchatel

There’s no way you can visit Neuchâtel without spending some time at the lake. Whether you take a walk along the crystal-clear waters on the Quai Ostervald, or you hop aboard the paddlesteamer”Neuchâtel”.

Best Places to Visit in Neuchatel, Switzerland - Jeunes-Rives beach
Le Locle. © Tourisme neuchâtelois

You will be able to enjoy a lovely view of the Alps in the background. At Les Jeunes-Rives you can engage in water sports and go for a swim, or visit the harbour with its lively cafés and restaurants, teeming with activity in summer.

The beach in the centre of Neuchâtel in the heart of a vast, quiet and relaxing green space. Shaded green space, large trees, pebble beach, all within walking distance of the city centre. No need to travel miles to take a swim and relax!


5. Cruise on lake Neuchatel

Cruise on lake Neuchâtel
Le Locle. © Tourisme neuchâtelois

Cruise on the biggest lake in Switzerland that’s all Swiss. The best way to discover the largest lake that’s entirely in Switzerland! From the northern to the southern shore, the vessels of the Neuchâtel fleet traverse the crystal-clear waters of the lake, affording utterly unique vistas of the Jura chain.


6. Tourist train

Tourist train
Le Locle. © Tourisme neuchâtelois

Take the little train through the historical streets of this lakeside city. Why not board Switzerland’s first e-train to explore the charms of the thousand-year-old city?

Through the glazed roof, enjoy panoramic views of Neuchâtel’s pedestrianised streets, historic yellow-stone buildings, Castle and Collegiate Church. Elektrischer Zug mit einer Welt einzigartige Lokomotive und Panoramadach.


7. Funicular La Coudre – Chaumont

Funicular La Coudre - Chaumont
Le Locle. © Tourisme neuchâtelois

Climb to 1171 metres in a few minutes thanks to the Chaumont funicular. The ideal outing if you want to see Neuchâtel from on high!

A 13-minute ride on the funicular takes you up 570 meters with a complete change of scenery: at the top, your breath will be taken away by the panorama of the Three Lakes Region and the Alpine chain.


8. Latenium – Archaeological Museum

Laténium – Archaeological Museum

Switzerland’s largest archaeological museum stands on the spot where remains of three prehistoric sites were discovered: 3000 fascinating finds that illustrate our ancestors’ everyday lives, on an exhibition area of 2200 m2.

Authentic, faithful reproductions are on show in an archaeological park. In addition to guided tours, workshops are offered for various interest groups.

The boat trip between Neuchâtel harbour and the Laténium’s jetty is free of charge.


9. Jura Round Trip

The journey leads from Neuchâtel and La Chaux-de-Fonds to Saignelégier, Biel and finally Delémont, the canton’s capital with its lovely, carefully restored old town.

Best Places to Visit in Neuchatel, Switzerland - Jura Round Trip
Le Locle. © Tourisme neuchâtelois

En route, passengers enjoy the scenic “Three Lakes Region” around Lakes Biel, Murten and Neuchâtel. At the southern tip of Lake Biel lies St. Peter’s Island, the simple beauty of which once inspired Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

Route: Neuchâtel – La Chaux-de-Fonds – Glovelier – Delémont – Neuchâtel
Distance: 143 km
Duration: 3 h


10. Esplanade du Mont-Blanc

The Esplanade is dominated by the monumental sculpture of the Swiss artist René Küng. It forms part of a collection of works including the “Chevalier”.

Esplanade du Mont-Blanc
Le Locle. © Tourisme neuchâtelois

To the south of the square, an underpass will take you to Esplanade du Mont-Blanc, where you’ll be able to admire a number of works by international artists, notably Vasarely and Arp. Take the time to stroll along the lake through the flowers.


Best Places to Visit in Neuchatel

  1. Neuchatel Castle
  2. Old Town
  3. Watchmaking town – LE LOCLE
  4. Jeunes-Rives beach -Lake Neuchâatel
  5. Cruise on lake
  6. Tourist train
  7. Funicular La Coudre – Chaumont
  8. Laténium – Archaeological Museum
  9. Jura Round Trip
  10. Esplanade du Mont-Blanc