Places to visit in Einsiedeln, Switzerland

Best places to visit in Einsiedeln - Canton of Schwyz, Switzerland 1

Best places to visit in Einsiedeln or The Pilgrimage Town of Einsiedeln – Schwyz, Switzerland

Most important Marian pilgrimage site in Switzerland with an impressive monastery complex. The pre-alpine high valley landscape in the heart of Central Switzerland is popular with hikers and bikers. The Hoch Ybrig winter sports area is only a few kilometers away.

The imposing center and destination of enthusiastic pilgrims is the baroque monastery complex from the 18th century. The Benedictine monastery has a history of over a thousand years.

The place with its Black Madonna has been one of the most important pilgrimage sites in Europe since the Middle Ages. The Way of St. James leads past here, the numerous pilgrim hostels of the past have now become hotels for holiday guests and pilgrims.

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In addition to interesting monastery and village tours, a visit to the newly opened milk factory or the gingerbread museum, you can also indulge in local cuisine and culinary delights in Einsiedeln, for example with a fine meal in a restaurant.


Best places to visit in Einsiedeln

  • Einsiedeln Monastery
  • Chapel of Our Lady and Black Madonna
  • Sihlsee Lake
  • Railway to Rigi Mountain
  • Hoch-Ybrig ski area
  • Einsiedeln ski area
  • Brunni Ski Area
  • Muotataler Cave
  • Christmas in Einsiedeln
  • Top 10 events


1.Einsiedeln Monastery (That’s Best places to visit in Einsiedeln)

Kloster Einsiedeln- Einsiedeln Monastery 2

Einsiedeln Monastery, is one of the best places to visit in Einsiedeln. Located in the municipality of the same name in the canton of Schwyz, is a traditional Benedictine abbey and has been a place of culture, education and meeting for over 1000 years.

As an important stop on the Way of St. James and the destination of numerous pilgrims, it is now the most important place of pilgrimage in Switzerland. The central structure of the monastery is Maria Himmelfahrt and St. Mauritius: the abbey and cathedral church, consecrated in 1735, is one of the most important baroque buildings in Switzerland.

The east-facing church houses a grace chapel with the famous Black Madonna in the western, octagonal entrance area, which itself attracts many pilgrims and tourists to Einsiedeln.

Best places to visit in Einsiedeln

A monastery church with such historical and religious importance requires a sound system that meets the highest acoustic standards. After all, numerous events take place here regularly – be it performances by the monastery choir, organ concerts or church services. A public address system that is used here must be able to guarantee first-class sound quality and excellent speech intelligibility.

Kloster Einsiedeln- Einsiedeln Monastery 1

Not an easy undertaking in such a large and reverberant church building, in which the reverberation time is up to seven seconds and smooth surfaces, floors and columns lead to unwanted sound reflections.

In terms of appearance, too, the expectations of such a system could hardly be higher: every loudspeaker system that is installed in the monastery church should not be conspicuous in the splendid, baroque interior of the church – yes, in the best case it should be integrated almost invisibly. Einsiedeln Monastery, is one of the best places to visit in Einsiedeln.


2.Chapel of Our Lady and Black Madonna

Chapel of Our Lady and Black Madonna

The Chapel of Our Lady represents the heart of the Einsiedeln place of pilgrimage. People from all over the world pray here to the Black Madonna. On entering Einsiedeln Monastery abbey, you find yourself opposite the Chapel of Our Lady fashioned from black marble. It occupies the place where St. Meinrad lived. Built in the 1st century as a “chapel of hermits”.

Splendid apparel
Very early on, Mary and the baby Jesus were draped in textiles that left only their faces and hands exposed. Today they possess a handsome wardrobe with splendid garments and ornaments. They are dressed according to the religious feast of the day.

Chapel of Our Lady
The chapel has burned down several times; it was also destroyed during the French Revolution, but the most valuable parts could be saved from the plundering soldiers. This included the Black Madonna. The chapel was rebuilt in the Classicist style between 1815 to 1817 using demolition material: this is what the visitor admires today.


3. Sihlsee Lake (That’s Best places to visit in Einsiedeln)

Best places to visit in Einsiedeln

The Sihlsee lake is one of the best places to visit in Einsiedeln. Is located entirely in the municipality of Einsiedeln in the canton of Schwyz. The center of Einsiedeln is not on the lake, but the villages of Willerzell, Gross and Euthal.

The lake is dammed on the north bank and lies at an altitude of 889 meters above sea level. The tributaries of the Sihlsee are the eponymous Sihl, as well as smaller streams like the Minster or the Grossbach. After the dam, the Sihl flows out of the lake again and flows into the Limmat in Zurich. With a length of around 8.5km and a width of between one and 2.5km, the reservoir is the largest of its kind in Switzerland.

Two bridges lead over the Sihlsee. The Viaduktstrasse connects Einsiedeln with Willerzell on the east side after a third of the lake. In the south, Euthalerstrasse leads into Euthal, which is also on the east bank.


4.Railway to Rigi Mountain in Switzerland

Railway to Rigi Mountain in Switzerland 12 Copyright

Mount Rigi (from regina, Latin for queen) is famous for spectacular views of the Alps, the easy access and the many leisure possibilities it offers. Don’t forget to bring a jacket as it can be chilly at 1,800 metres above sea level.

The majestic mountain lies between three lakes: Lake Luzern, Lake Zug and Lake Lauerz. There are two cogwheel railways going up the Rigi from two different sides, one starting in Arth-Goldau, the other one in Vitznau. The fastest way from Zurich is to take a train to Arth-Goldau (every hour, duration 40 minutes) from where the cogwheel train takes you to the top in another 40 minutes.

Railway to Rigi Mountain in Switzerland 3 Copyright

At the top there are several restaurants, around 120 kilometres of hiking trails and covered picnic and barbecue spots. Hikers have the option of walking down just part of the way, as the train has several stops where you can jump back on.

Or make it a round trip: climb Mount Rigi from Arth-Goldau, go down the other side (Vitznau) from where you can take a boat to Luzern (Lucerne), see the old town and one of the longest covered wooden bridges in Europe, the Kapellbrücke, and then take the train back to Zurich.

Inquire at the counters of the Swiss Railway Company SBB at Zurich main train station – they will be happy to help and print the timetables for you. Accessible all year round if there is not too much snow.


5.Hoch-Ybrig ski area (That’s Best places to visit in Einsiedeln)

Hoch-Ybrig ski area 1

Close to the capital of the canton, Schwyz, and the place of pilgrimage Einsiedeln, in an idyllic, wide open alpine foothill landscape at 900 to 2200 metres, lie the holiday and sports destination of Hoch-Ybrig and the sunny villages of Ober- and Unteriberg.

Best places to visit in Einsiedeln

The sun is shining, the gaze wanders to the peaks with the eternal snow. It still exists, the winter like in a picture book! Fantastic slopes, white mountain peaks and lots of fun. That’s skiing and snowboarding in the Hoch-Ybrig! Hoch-Ybrig ski area is one of the best places to visit in Einsiedeln.

Perfectly groomed slopes, fantastic panoramas and a snow park at the 6-seater Hesisbol chairlift that leaves nothing to be desired. In Hoch-Ybrig there is unforgettable skiing fun for the whole family and for absolute freaks there is also a ski cross park at the 4-seater chairlift Sternen. Much-loved specialties and a cool après-ski. The Hoch-Ybrig with its countless restaurants invites you to take a leisurely stopover and end a successful day.


6.Einsiedeln ski area

Einsiedeln ski area

Einsiedeln is located in the Swiss canton of Schwyz. The Einsiedeln ski area is located in Central Switzerland at an altitude of 882 to 1,200 meters, picturesquely embedded in the landscape of the foothills of the Alps. The Einsiedeln winter sports region is equally suitable for skiers, snowboarders, cross-country skiers and tobogganists.


Highlights in the Einsiedeln ski region

12 kilometers of slopes, particularly suitable for beginners and children
Five different areas
Five toboggan runs
Ice skating on the natural ice rink Sihlsee

Einsiedeln ski area

The Einsiedeln ski region offers the right slopes for skiers and snowboarders , but cross-country skiers and tobogganers also get their money’s worth here. Those who love it quieter will find secluded hiking trails that lead through a breathtaking landscape with a view of the mountain scenery.

The highest mountain in the Einsiedeln area is the Gschwändstock at 1,616 meters . It lies on the border with Alpthal and Unteriberg. Whether you are an individual athlete or a family – the Einsiedeln winter paradise offers winter sports options for every requirement.


7.Brunni Ski Area

Brunni Ski Area - Skilift Brunni 1

Brunni is a cheap and lovely ski area near Zurich. Enjoy the nice landscape at the bottom of the impressive “Mythen” mountains, a landmark in the heart of switzerland. The resort is compact and safe, your children won’t get lost.

From the sunny piste terasse you can watch your children skiing down the hill. The family friendly ski resport in the middle of a pre-alpine landscape is know to be fog-free and snow-secure and not so crowded like other well known ski resorts.

Brunni Ski Area - Skilift Brunni 2

Skilift Brunni is located in the idyllic ski resort Brunni-Alpthal. The Skilift is the best fit for families with small children. Kids can’t get lost on the all-blue slopes.

family paradise
blue slopes, skilift entry help service staff and a lift speed appropriate for children preconditions for a relaxing familiy winter day.

winter playground
Directly at the skilift, there is a winterplayground with shovels, playmobil snowcats, picnic table and iglu construction area.

skidoo-park for kids
A childrens dream comes true. Your kids can drive small electric skidoos themself around a safe and fun parcours.


8.Muotataler Cave

Best places to visit in Einsiedeln - Muotathal Hölloch

With a known length of over 200 kilometers, the Hölloch is one of the largest cave systems in the world and one of the best places to visit in Einsiedeln. On guided tours and adventurous expeditions you can experience a world underground that you have never seen before.

You can hardly escape the fascination of the cave. The primal force with which nature created the rock formations in Hölloch over the course of a million years is enormous.

With these offers you can become a cave explorer:
• Short tour: 2 hours
• Short expedition “Hölloch Parcours”: 3.5 hours
• Day expedition
• Multi-day expedition
• Programs for companies

With all offers, the guide will tell you interesting facts about the history and discovery of the cave as well as life in it. You will learn how noises sound when you are shielded from the outside world. And maybe even venture into the absolute darkness.


9.Christmas in Einsiedeln

Best places to visit in Einsiedeln - Christmas in Einsiedeln

Einsiedeln – the Charming Monastery Town Set against the fantastic backdrop of the imposing Benedictine monastery and sprawling along the length of the main street, the Christmas market in Einsiedeln is particularly well worth a visit.

The delightfully decorated market stands, the enchanting Christmas illuminations and the enormous Christmas tree make visitors’ eyes shine in wonder. The range on offer is completed by a wide variety of shops and stores.


10. Top 10 events

  • Einsiedeln Welttheater
  • Soleminity of St. Meinrad
  • Holy Week and Easter with many festive masses
  • Corpus Christi
  • Organ concerts in July and August
  • Solemnity of Our Lady of Einsiedeln
  • Assumption of Mary – Patronal Feast of the Abbey Church
  • “Engelweihe” Einsiedeln Abbey September 14th
  • Rosary-Sunday
  • Christmas Market December