Beautiful villages & towns near Brussels, Belgium

Brussels is the heart of the European Union, located less than two hours by train from London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Cologne. In this article In this article, you will find the most beautiful villages & towns near Brussels. Brussels is the capital of the Kingdom of Belgium and of Europe.

Beautiful villages & towns near Brussels, Belgium
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Have you also noticed that many languages ​​are spoken there? It is not a coincidence. Indeed, Brussels is the most cosmopolitan city in Europe. A city that lives at any time of the day. More than 23,000 cultural events are organized there every year. However, Brussels is a city on a human scale.

Brussels is the capital of surrealism, comics, Art Nouveau, chocolate and beer. For more travel articles about Belgium check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list.  Below you will find a list of the most beautiful villages & towns near Brussels:


1. Torgny

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Torgny is a magnificent country village heir to a flourishing wine-growing past, whose current production represents one of the most important in Belgium. The micro-climate enjoyed by Torgny which makes it an ideal place to grow wine.

In short, the ideal place for lovers of vines and the sun. It is called the Belgian Little Provence and it is not for nothing: this village located at the southernmost point of the country and on the French border.


2. Spa

Spa - Beautiful villages & towns near Brussels, Belgium
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Spa is located within a valley that overlooks Ardennes Mountains, about 35 km southeast of Liege. Also called the Pearl of the Ardennes, this town has dozens of thermal springs and spa retreats with heated pools, Jacuzzis, and relaxation rooms.

While most visit Spa for the purpose of rest and relaxation, there are plenty of historical monuments and fun activities to enjoy.


3. Bouillon

Bouillon - Beautiful villages & towns near Brussels
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Without doubt, Bouillon is the most popular and important tourist centre of the Semois valley. It houses a perfectly preserved 8th century medieval castle which overlooks the magnificent city.

This castle is one of the oldest and most fascinating vestiges of feudalism in the country. Visitors can also take a beer-sampling tour at Bouillon’s brewery, Nathalie Market, located in a store that offers around 300 beers.


4. Bastogne

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Located near the Luxembourg border, Bastogne is where thousands of soldiers lost their lives during World War II in the Battle of the Bulge. THE SECOND WORLD WAR The war museum in Bastogne offers visitors the opportunity to discover this famous battle.

Visitors can also explore the Wood of Peace, made up of 4,000 trees planted for the 50th anniversary of the battle in honor of American veterans, the Mardasson Memorial and the Sherman tank.


5. Sosoye

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Located in Condroz, the village of Sosoye benefits from a built heritage composed of old houses built in limestone, which give a beautiful homogeneity to the town. The city is also part of the most beautiful villages of Wallonia.


6. Vierves-sur-Viroin

Vierves-sur-Viroin - Beautiful villages & towns near Brussels

At the entrance to the Ardennes, this hillside village revolves around the castle of the barons of Hamal, a castle worthy of a fairy tale that attracts all eyes. If it is not visited, it is admired while traversing the village.

Lost in the heart of the Viroin natural park, you will have the choice between getting lost in the narrow streets and steep paths or gaining heights and setting off to discover lush greenery. It is one of the most beautiful villages & towns near Brussels.


7. Bruges

Bruges - Beautiful villages & towns near Brussels, Belgium
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Bruges is an atmospheric Belgian town that attracts many with its picturesque canals, half-timber houses, and cobblestoned alleys. You can simply wander its beautiful old streets, admiring medieval mansions, art galleries and quaint chocolate shops.

Located 100 km west of Brussels, its UNESCO-listed Old Town has plenty of medieval architecture, including the Basilica of the Holy Blood, 14th-century Town Hall, and 13th-century Belfort Belfry.


8. De Haan

De Haan
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De Haan is a coastal village in Belgium’s West Flanders Province. Located 18 km west of Bruges, it’s usually busiest during the summer months thanks to its charming hotels and beach resorts along the coastline.

The seafront is a popular spot for outdoor games and leisure activities. A place that you should visit is Villa Savoyarde, where Albert Einstein lived in for 6 months back in in 1933.


9. Crupet

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The quiet village of Crupet consists of limestone farmhouses surrounded by green valleys. One of the most picturesque locations in Wallonia, its main attraction is the Grotto of Saint Anthony of Padua, which was designed by Father Joseph Gérard in 1903.

It has around 22 terracotta sculptures depicting the life of the saint, one of which is of St Anthony resisting the temptation of Satan.