Beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal

If you are wondering what to do in Quarteira, you must read this article. We have listed the most beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal. What to visit and see and do in Quarteira Between Vilamoura and Faro, Quarteira was one of the first holiday resorts to be developed in the Algarve.

A small fishing village was replaced by huge tower blocks and modern buildings in the 70s and 80s. These aren’t to everyone’s taste but as far as laid-back holidays go you couldn’t ask for more from Quarteira. There are Blue Flag beaches in both directions, complemented by the immense infrastructure of one of the largest tourist complexes in Europe.

Beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal
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There’s an elegant marina, more restaurants and bars than you could ever imagine, ten golf courses, and a directory of companies offering activities both on water and on land. The first mention of Quarteira dates back to the Roman Empire and for many centuries it was just a small fishing village.

In the second half of the 20th century, Quarteira began to grow and take advantage of its huge beach with an increasing number of tourists visiting, as well as many people buying holiday homes in the area. This growth continued and, in 1999, Quarteira became recognized as a city. For more travel articles about Portugal check this category and for all articles about Europe check this list. There are so many highlights to see in Quarteira, but let’s have a look at our list of beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal.


1. Marina of Vilamoura Quarteira

Marina of Vilamoura Quarteira
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There’s nothing understated about the marina in Vilamoura: the water is surrounded by luxury hotel complexes, restaurants, and shops, while the harbor has a legion of luxury yachts. It might be enough just to buy an ice cream or a cold drink and take a gentle walk under the palm fronds to gawk at these vases.

Football fans might be thrilled to know that some of the waterfront establishments are licensed by star players: there’s 7 Figo Bar and the CR7 shop, and there are no prizes for guessing who they’re affiliated with.


2. Cerro da Vila Quarteira

Beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal
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There are Roman ruins where you least expect them, just moments from Vilamoura’s modern marina. But in fact, Vilamoura has been inhabited since long before the Romans, with Bronze Age tombs discovered in the area. Cerro da Vila is made up of two residences, easily identified by their polychrome mosaic floors and traces of stucco on their walls, but also baths, a necropolis, and a system of tanks that would probably have been used for salting fish.


3. Aquashow Park Quarteira

Aquashow Park Quarteira
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More of an entire theme park than a simple water attraction, Aquashow has a schedule of pools, chutes, and shaded areas to relax. But there are also a handful of fairground-type rides. Some of them, like the “Roller Coaster”, “Air Race” and “Top Swing” are wild enough to get a thumbs up from bigger kids and teens. For smaller children, there is a mini train, wading pools, and a water playground.


4. Church of São Lourenço de Almancil

Beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal
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For more visits, Almancil is less than ten kilometers from the coast and has one of the most beautiful churches in the Algarve. It started at the end of the 17th century, and in the 1730s the interior walls were covered with blue and white tiles.

These are simply beautiful and were painted by Policarpo de Oliveira Bernardes, who was born into a family of master potters. The images are sharp and detailed enough that you can get lost for a while looking at the walls, vault, and dome. It is considered one of the most beautiful churches in Quarteira Portugal.


5. Loule Velho beach Quarteira

Loule Velho beach Quarteira
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Loulé Velho beach is located under continuous and somewhat unstable cliffs, being completely surrounded by an extensive pine forest. When the sea washes over the sand, it exposes the old Roman fish tanks and salty mud from an ancient estuarine-lagoon system, vestiges of a time when sea levels were lower.

Here there are also ruins of a Carthaginian fishing village, which are submerged. This beach has beach support with bar/restaurant features.


6. Praia do Forte Novo

Praia do Forte Novo
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Praia do Forte Novo has an extensive beach, limited to the west by a pier that marks the urban front of the city of Quarteira. The low cliff has an orange hue and on its top is a green pine forest.

During low tide, it is possible to see the ruins of the old Fort New, built under the seal of King João II. The beach is protected and has a concession area for awnings and benefits from services and proximity to the beach/bar support in the interconnection area with Quarteira.


7. Municipal Museum of Loulé

Beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal
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This museum will keep you in Loulé for a while longer and traces the history of the whole area, including Quarteira. It is on the castle’s ground floor and gathers the most interesting archaeological finds from the coast and rural areas.

These are in chronological order and include utensils, weapons, amphorae, and stonework until the Modern Age. The museum floor also has glass panels that allow you to see the Roman and Bronze Age foundations of the castle.


8. Quarteira beach

Quarteira beach
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Right in front of the hotels and apartment blocks, this beach has been attracting tourists since the 1960s, when Quarteira was still a humble fishing village. The environment has changed a lot since then, but the advantage of all this development is that you never have to go far for provisions, a meal or beach toys for the little ones.

These services and beach cleaning earn Praia de Quarteira the Blue Flag every year. The beach is two kilometers of white sand washed by gentle waves and protected by breakwaters every two hundred meters.


9. Quarteira Golf

Beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal
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Quarteira is a golfer’s idea of ​​paradise. There’s no other way to put it when you have seven highly-rated courses at your fingertips. Golf is an integral part of the Vilamoura lifestyle, and there are even private tutors (not affiliated with the clubs) who will write itineraries for you and give a week-long intensive course to give your game a chance.

If you’re an experienced golfer and happy to pay for quality, Victoria Clube de Golfe will be right up your street, with an 18-hole championship course and top-notch practice facilities.


10. Faro

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Faro is one of the most beautiful places to visit in Quarteira. The biggest city in the Algarve, the historical seat of power and current administrative center is close enough to deserve a day. The old quarter is still surrounded by its defensive walls, some of which have not been changed since the Moors were in charge.

There is a mighty Gothic cathedral, small secluded squares, and the monumental Arca da Vila portal that connects the old quarter to the port. It is listed as one of many beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal.


Beautiful places to visit in Quarteira Portugal

  • Marina of Vilamoura
  • Cerro da Vila
  • Aquashow Park
  • Church of São Lourenço de Almancil
  • Loule Velho beach
  • Praia do Forte Novo
  • Municipal Museum of Loulé
  • Quarteira beach
  • Golf
  • Faro