Beautiful Places to visit in Cosenza Italy

If you think of Calabria, the amazing sea immediately comes to mind, and yet, even Cosenza has a lot to offer. Culturally very lively, it is very rich in museums and monuments that are worth the trip, as are the beautiful places to visit in Cosenza Italy. The seat of the most important university in Calabria, hundreds of young people crowd it day and night, making it even more lively and interesting.

Beautiful Places to visit in Cosenza Italy

All without forgetting that the food is excellent here, as in the whole region! Here are tips on what to see, and what to do in the evening in Cosenza. The Province of Cosenza is the largest in Calabria and is the fifth largest in Italy; it borders to the north with Basilicata and is delimited by the Pollino massif, to the south it borders with the provinces of Catanzaro and Crotone, and to the west it is surrounded by the Sila plateau and to the east by the Costiera range. It is bathed by 2 seas, to the east by the waters of the Ionian Sea and to the west by the Tyrrhenian Sea. The territory is very varied there is a prevalence of mountains and hills despite flat areas, but has large stretches of coast. Also, you will find in this article some of the most beautiful places to visit in Cosenza Italy.


Beautiful Places to visit in Cosenza Italy

  • Swabian Castle
  • Cathedral
  • Old Villa
  • Church of San Domenico
  • Villa Rendano
  • Historical Museum
  • Arts and Crafts Museum
  • Convent of St. Francis of Paola
  • Frescoes in Cosenza
  • National Library


1. Swabian Castle of Cosenza

Beautiful Places to visit in Cosenza Italy
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The Swabian Castle is the symbol of the Calabrian city of Cosenza and is located on Pancrazio Hill. In 1433, it was adapted to a princely residence, to host Louis III of Anjou with his family. The upper floor presents a stupendous overview of the Crati Valley, of the Sila mountains, the various farmhouses, and the pre-Apennine chain. During its long life, it was modified and restored several times. Go up to the Castle to enjoy the incredible view of Cosenza and the Sila.


2. Cathedral of Cosenza

Cathedral of Cosenza
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In the historic center of the city, this church was built in 1222 AD after an earthquake razed the ancient building to the ground. Dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, in Romanesque-Gothic style, it was enriched over time with Baroque and neo-Gothic inserts. The two mausoleums kept in the church are important: that of Isabella of Aragon and that of Henry VII of Germany. it is located in Piazza Duomo, in the historic center. Just 10 minutes on foot from the train station, 3 minutes by surface underground. This cathedral is one of the most important point of view for every tourist in Cosenza Italy.


3. Old Villa

Old Villa
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The Villa Vecchia is a historic park born on the site of a garden dating back to the 1600s annexed to the former monastery of Santa Maria di Costantinopoli in the city of Cosenza. The area is covered by dense vegetation of acacias, holm oaks, plane trees, poplars, and oaks, whose development is favored by the natural fertility of the soil and by the persistent humidity due to the presence of groundwater and spring waters. Some of these springs still feed the Fontana dei Tredici Canali and the basin dug next to a filtering gallery in the central part of the Villa.


4. Church of San Domenico Cosenza

Church of San Domenico
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The church of San Domenico stands in Piazza Tommaso Campanella. It was built between 1441 and 1468 by the decision of the Sanseverino family. The facade has a rose window and an arch that surround the Gothic style of the entrance portal. Built-in the mid-fifteenth century, it overlooks Piazza Campanella with a Baroque dome covered in copper. Built on a previous building, it was consecrated in 1468 and is flanked by a Dominican monastery. After some modifications over the centuries, it still maintains some Gothic-style elements including the large rose window and the porch frame. Inside the complex, there is the BoCs, a museum of contemporary art that wants to act as a bridge between the ancient and new civilizations.


5. Villa Rendano Cosenza

Villa Rendano
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Palazzo dated 1891, was built by local nobility and then passed into ownership until it was purchased by a non-profit foundation which used it as a multifunctional cultural center. Many events are scheduled, especially in the summer, when the beautiful garden surrounding the villa becomes usable.


6. Historical Museum of Cosenza

Beautiful Places to visit in Cosenza Italy
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This exhibition space is, in reality, a set of open areas scattered throughout the streets and squares of the historic center of Cosenza. The areas are divided according to a precise historical period: Bruzio route (Piazza dei Valdesi, Gradoni S.Lucia, via S.Lucia), Norman route (via Salfi, via S.Tommaso, vicolo S.Tommaso), Svevo route ( via Messer Andrea, piazza Berardi, via S.Francesco D’Assisi), the Angioino route (vico Padolisi, via Padolisi, via Miraglia), the Spagnolo route (via Gaeta, vico Gaeta, piazza Gerolosomitani).
All the works are by contemporary artists and have the history of Cosenza over the centuries as their theme.


7. Arts and Crafts Museum

The MAM is a space dedicated to the artisan culture of the area, created to preserve and pass on ancient crafts. Here it is possible to gather information thanks to the objects on display and participate in seminars and courses. Thematic temporary exhibitions are offered throughout the year.


8. Convent of St. Francis of Paola

Beautiful Places to visit in Cosenza Italy
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This sanctuary, dedicated to St. Francis of Paola, was built between the years 1435-1452 at the behest of the saint. Francesco wanted to build a small church as a place of prayer for hermits and for the faithful who sought hospitality. Today the beautiful building is still managed by the Franciscans, who organize pilgrimages and visits for tourists to the places of the Saint.


9. Frescoes in Cosenza

Cosenza is the city of frescoes. The Casa delle Culture, once the seat of the city hall, hides Rocco Ferrari’s frescoes in the Gullo room. In the Council Chamber of the Government Palace, there are other valuable frescoes from the 19th century. Those in the mood for culture (and in Cosenza, there is a lot of it) must visit the traditional Alfonso Rendano Theater, the historic Cinema Teatro Italia, and the Calabrian Permanent Theater of Innovation.


10. National Library of Cosenza

Beautiful Places to visit in Cosenza Italy
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The National Library hides a special surprise in its basement. Going down below the library itself, you can visit the archaeological excavations which show a part of Roman and Brettian Cosenza. This library is listed from us as one of the most beautiful places to visit in Cosenza Italy.