8 Best Things to Do in Limerick Ireland

Our bloggers have collected the 8 best things to do in Limerick Ireland. This city is also considered as one of the oldest dating back to 1197. Irish Coffee, a brew infused with Irish whiskey, was invented in Limerick village Foynes in 1943. For more travel articles check this category.

Things to Do in Limerick Ireland
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This city was founded by the Vikings in 922AD, and it is the third largest city in Ireland, it’s located in the south of Ireland. After the Treaty of Limerick was signed here in October 1691, the city of Limerick is known as the Treaty City. The city is divided into three parts, English town, Irish town, and Newtown Pery. All three parts have a lot of places to see in Limerick.


1. Limerick Castle

Limerick Castle
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King John’s Castle known as Limerick Castle brings to life over 800 years of dramatic local history. It is located at the heart of Limerick’s medieval quarter. John even known as Lackland was King of England from April 1199 until his death at 50 yrs of age in 1216. He was appointed Lord of Ireland at age 12 and He is most well-known for signing the Magna Carta. It is in existence in 1219 and was the most important act of the Bill of Rights as we know it today. He was the youngest of 5 sons of King Henry II of England & Eleanor of Aquitaine.


2. The Hunt Museum

The Hunt Museum
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The Hunt Museum exhibits one of Ireland’s greatest private collections of art and antiquities. It reflects the diverse interest and tastes of the two people who formed it, John and Gertrude Hunt. There are artifacts from Greece, Rome, Egypt, and the Olmec civilization. It was dating from the Neolithic to the 20th Century, including the best works by Renoir, Picasso, and Yeats. It is considered one of the best places to see in Limerick.


3. Limerick City Gallery of Art

Things to Do in Limerick Ireland
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Limerick City Gallery of Art (LCGA) is one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Ireland. It is also considered home to an important collection of Irish 18th to 21st-century art in all media. In Limerick City Gallery of Art is the National Collection of Contemporary Drawing and the Michael O’Connor International Poster Collection part of its collections.


4. Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Limerick

Saint Mary's Cathedral in Limerick
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Saint Mary’s Cathedral is one of the oldest buildings in Limerick where worship is offered to almighty God daily, as it has been for over 850 years. everyone is welcome to come to Saint Mary’s Cathedral as it has a daily service to everyone. Saint Mary’s is an amazing full building, which represents the development from the area of the mid-twelfth century to the later twentieth century. It is also considered a treasure of Irish religious art.


5. Limerick Museum

Limerick Museum
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Limerick Museum is one of the largest collections of any Irish museum. It is dedicated to the memory of Jim Kemmy, the former Democratic Socialist Party. There are Limerick silver, military artifacts, archaeological artifacts, and much more. There are even unusual things such as fragments of the largest meteorite that ever fall in Ireland in 1813 and two World War II gas masks. Visiting this museum is one of the best things in Limerick.


6. St. John’s Cathedral Limerick

St. John's Cathedral Limerick
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St. John’s Cathedral was created by Thomas Hardwick, who was an English architect. The cathedral was officially consecrated by Most Rev. Edward Thomas O’ Dwyer in June 1894. In St. John’s Cathedral lie buried six bishops. The tower was designed in1878 to stand at 274 feet 9 inches feet, on a base with walls that are some four feet thick.


7. The People’s Museum of Limerick

The People's Museum of Limerick
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The People’s Museum of Limerick has the purpose to present people’s life, the diversity between them, the streets of the city, the museum, the style of life, and the buildings. It displays the eclectic collection that is very important for the city of Limerick. It is very stunning. It is one of the most interesting places to see in Limerick.


8. Visit Sarsfield Bridge (That’s one of the most interesting things to do in Limerick)

Visit Sarsfield Bridge
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The Sarsfield Bridge was opened as Wellesley Bridge on 5 August 1835. Has been 11 years of construction to have now this bridge. It was a particularly important development for the city because it allowed expansion to the northern shore of the river. The bridge consists of five large elliptical arches with an open balustrade. This bridge is considered as one of the most historical places to see in Limerick.



8 Things to Do in Limerick Ireland

  • King John’s Castle
  • The Hunt Museum
  • Limerick City Gallery of Art
  • Saint Mary’s Cathedral in Limerick
  • Limerick Museum
  • St. John’s Cathedral
  • The People’s Museum of Limerick
  • Sarsfield Bridge in Limerick’s River