The 12 Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

Sorrento offers beautiful views, delicious cuisine and too many historic buildings. If you are looking for the 13 best restaurants in Sorrento, you are in the right place. Sorrento is one of the most popular tourist destination in Italy. One of the advantages of your stay in Sorrento is that you can also visit Capri, Amalfi Coast, and Naples. Whether you’re visiting in Summer or in Winter these are the top dishes you absolutely must try: Gnocchi alla Sorrentina, Spaghetti alla Nerano, Scialatielli alle Vongole and Cannelloni.


The 12 Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

  1. O’Parrucchiano La Favorita
  2. Bagni Delfino Restaurant
  3. Il Buco
  4. O’ Puledrone, Ristorante
  5. La Cantinaccia del Popolo
  6. Porta Marina Seafood
  7. Enjoy Restaurant
  8. Accènto Restaurant
  9. AZZ! Italian Tavern
  10. Torna a Surriento Trattoria
  11. L’Antica Trattoria
  12. Ristorante Zi Ntonio


O’Parrucchiano La Favorita

Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

One of the oldest restaurants in Sorrento. The Restaurant ‘o Parrucchiano La Favorita, cornerstone of Sorrento catering, offers the best of the Campania culinary tradition combined with the pleasantness of the numerous rooms that it makes available to its customers. The high quality of the cuisine and the versatility of the indoor reception areas and in suggestive gardens in the shade of citrus trees, make it possible to organize any event.

For over fifty years the cooking and the preparation of every single dish has been in the hands of our chef, who with passion and dedication to the gastronomic tradition, manages to amaze even the now regular customers, because creativity invites him to bring new things to the table and pleasure, enriching the flavors of any elaborate or simple recipe. For your ceremonies we offer a wide choice of menus. Preparation of the themed rooms, with meticulous attention to every detail, the most varied decorations that will be able to give an original effect to your unforgettable moment.


Bagni Delfino Restaurant Sorrento

Bagni Delfino Restaurant Sorrento

After more than 50 years – Delfino Restaurant has become one of the most beloved places by the inhabitants of Sorrento and overseas guests.” Managed by three generations of the Gargiulo family, immersed in the spectacular setting of the Marina Grande, directly on the water, this place has been attracting lovers of excellent traditional local cuisine for decades. With Terrace overlooking the sea, people are captivated by the romantic and evocative atmosphere, welcoming and relaxing environment, impeccable service and excellent fresh dishes created by the Chef.


Il Buco Restaurant Sorrento

Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

In the heart of Sorrento, Il Buco is not simply a restaurant, it is a world. It is a unique place, where every object and every detail has its own meaning, because they are elements that contribute to a journey to discover the food and wine culture of the area. It is an opportunity to have an intense and enveloping taste experience, in which the scents, colors, flavors, combined with a spark of inspiration and creativity, ignite all the senses. It is a place to come back to meet up with friends, because whoever comes to visit us is not just a customer, they are a person to welcome, to accompany, to greet with a goodbye.


O’ Puledrone Restaurant Sorrento

O' Puledrone Restaurant Sorrento

O’ Puledrone by Gaetano Esposito is a restaurant where gastronomic skill marries with the art of fishing practiced by generations of fishermen in Marina Grande and offered to guests with recipes from the excellent Sorrento culinary tradition. The affability with which Gaetano and his staff welcome guests is renowned and appreciated by Italians and foreigners. The latter, coming from all over the world, during their stays in Sorrento prefer the cuisine of ‘O Puledrone because they can get to know and taste the dishes of the local seafood tradition in the name of that Mediterranean diet which finds one of its foundations in blue fish.


La Cantinaccia del Popolo Sorrento

La Cantinaccia del Popolo

Customers reserve a table for tasty meals here while enjoying the view of the Correale di Terranova Museum. They do a very good Italian cuisine in this restaurant. Go to the La Cantinaccia del Popolo restaurant for a break and order the well-curated spaghetti alle vongole, filet and white lasagna. You will find tasty chocolate cake, tiramisu and banana split. You will be offered delicious limoncello, house wine or cordial. Excellent espresso, lemonade or macchiato are among the things to drink ordered most often in this place.


Porta Marina Seafood

Porta Marina Seafood

All customers love the fantastic Italian and Mediterranean cuisine in this restaurant. The exotic lobster pasta, sea bream and grilled octopus might make a great impression on you. Incomparable tiramisu, lemon cake and ice cream are among the best dishes to try at the Porta Marina restaurant. The excellent cordial, white wine or house wine will make your meal even better and you will definitely want to come back. Surely you can enjoy great lemonade, coffee or juice here.


Enjoy Restaurant Sorrento

Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

Nestled in the heart of Sorrento, Enjoy Restaurant is a must-visit establishment for those seeking authentic Italian cuisine without breaking the bank. The place is cozy and unpretentious, perfect for a casual lunch or dinner with friends or family. The interior design is simple yet elegant, with warm lighting and comfortable seating. Prices are very reasonable, making it accessible to all budgets. The restaurant is located in a bustling area, but its outdoor seating provides a peaceful escape from the crowds.


Accento Restaurant

Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

After a long walk around the Sorrento Foundation, visit this place for a pleasant break. If you like Italian cuisine you should try this place. Here you will be able to taste tasty salmon, spaghetti with clams and grilled prawns. This restaurant offers you unparalleled cheesecakes, tiramisu and panna cotta. Drink the excellent house wine, limoncello or craft beer they offer here. Accènto has a selection of fantastic espresso coffees.


AZZ! Italian Tavern in Sorrento

Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

The Sorrento Foundation is a great attraction for tourists who come to eat in this pub & bar after long walks. If you are a lover of Italian cuisine you have to come here. You can always taste the exotic ravioli, Italian lasagna and cannelloni, a specialty of this place. Spend time pleasantly here, enjoying unparalleled tiramisu, lemon cake and lemon desserts with friends. Some guests recommend the excellent house wine, limoncello or white wine of this place. Delicious americano, lemonade or tea are among the best things you can try here.


Torna a Surriento Trattoria Sorrento

Torna a Surriento Trattoria

Undoubtedly enjoy the Il Vallone dei Mulini, then the recommendation of customers is to come to this restaurant as well. Among the places to try Italian cuisine, this restaurant is definitely one of the best. You can have exotic seafood spaghetti, lasagna and prawns. You can always taste the incomparable tiramisu and lemon cake, a specialty of this place. Visit this place to get great limoncello, house wine or beer. Drinking fantastic lemonade or coffee, is a must while you are at Torna a Surriento restaurant.


L’Antica Trattoria

L'Antica Trattoria

L’Antica Trattoria is one of the most special restaurants in Sorrento. A few steps lead the visitor into an oasis of plants and flowers, under the oblong green pergola, which acts as a terrace and as an entrance to a maze of small rooms, refined and intimate environments with captivating and imaginative names, where one breathes a atmosphere of warm and serene intimacy. It is a corner of dreams, born by magic in the heart of the ancient centre, the happy island where you land out of time, the magical kingdom where you can relive or invent a fairy tale.

It is in fact here, among the familiar objects of a distant peasant civilization that create and spread warmth, the play of lights that dissolve in a soft glow, the original and precious decorations and the soberly elegant furnishings, that you can rediscover the genuine flavors and sincere of ancient and secret homemade recipes, re-proposed by the undisputed skill of an exceptional staff.

Come here, therefore, with the person who is closest to your heart, to rediscover the pleasure of living, the joy of an unrepeatable evening, the poignant emotion of a legend that you yourself will create, for yourself and for those you love, in the warm, accomplice and familiar, which only “L’Antica Trattoria” of Sorrento can offer you.

Ristorante Zi Ntonio Sorrento

Best Restaurants in Sorrento Italy

Zi ‘Ntonio is a restaurant located in the Heart of Sorrento, near the main square Piazza Tasso. It’s really easy to reach, even if you arrive by train. With a pleasant walk of five minutes you’ll find the Zi ‘Ntonio restaurant. At the Zi ‘Ntonio restaurant you can taste the traditional neapolitan and mediterranean cuisine, with a rich choice of regional and national wines. Everything, from pizza to fish dishes, can be tasted at the Zi ‘Ntonio restaurant, where a selection of fresh food will please your palate.