The Best 10 Places to visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy

Do you want to know which are the best 10 places to visit in Ragusa Sicily? Have a look at our article. Ragusa is one of the best Italian destinations with the richest historical heritage in the country. There are many places to visit in Ragusa, but we have selected 10 of them. Ragusa is located in the heart of the Val di Noto, in the southeast of Sicily, and is the capital of the southernmost province of Italy. Immersed in an area very rich in natural and architectural beauties to visit, the city rises on the Iblei Mountains and is located next to the course of the Irminio River, whose mouth is part of a nature reserve located between Marina di Ragusa and Donnalucata.

The Best 10 Places to visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy
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Baroque architecture, which stands out for its creativity and the richness of decorative elements on vaults, columns, capitals, and facades, is the most widespread artistic style in the Ragusa area, where it flourished following the earthquake of 1693. The important historical and artistic heritage of the city meant that in 2002 it became part of the UNESCO heritage sites. Let’s have a look at our guide about the top places to visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy.


The Best 10 Places to Visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy

  • Church of the Most Holy Souls in Purgatory
  • Cathedral of San Giovanni
  • Cathedral of San Giorgio
  • Stairs of Ibla
  • Iblean Garden
  • Palazzo Zacco
  • Ragusa Marina
  • Donnafugata Castle
  • Grotto of Trabacche
  • Scicli


1. Church of the Most Holy Souls in Purgatory

The Best 10 Places to visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy
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A stone’s throw from the tourist information center you will first see the Church of the Most Holy Souls of Purgatory. This church is one of the few that survived the 1693 earthquake. The facade is in Baroque style, but the real beauty of this place of worship is the marble interior and the large painting Souls in Purgatory (dating back to 1800) by Francesco Manno.


2. Cathedral of San Giovanni (That’s of the best places to visit in Ragusa)

Cathedral of San Giovanni
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The cathedral of San Giovanni Battista is located in the upper part of Ragusa and is the main religious building of the city. The current church was built in 1694 following the earthquake of the previous year which deeply damaged the previous church dedicated to the patron saint, which was located further west, near the medieval castle. The current church is raised above the square, and its churchyard is protected by a stone balustrade.


3. Cathedral of San Giorgio

The Best 10 Places to visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy
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The Cathedral of San Giorgio originally stood in the eastern part of the city, on the opposite side of the Cathedral of San Giovanni. Even the Cathedral was seriously damaged by the earthquake of the 17th century, and of the original 15th-century construction only a large portal in Catalan-Gothic style remains. The current building is a magnificent example of the Sicilian Baroque and plays a lot on a perspective effect to appear imposing.


4. Stairs of Ibla (One of the most interesting places to visit in Ragusa)

Stairs of Ibla
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At sunset, when the sun is low and the air is cooler, the ancient stairs are one of the most beautiful and panoramic walkways in the city. The stairs were originally the only connection between Ragusa Ibla, the ancient center, and the new city. Going down them you can see how the city has been set in the rock, admiring the winding alleys climbing steep paths between the houses leaning against each other. It is one of the most beautiful places to see in Ragusa Sicily Italy.


5. Iblean Garden

The Best 10 Places to visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy
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It is the oldest garden in Ragusa, distinguished by its peculiar position perched on a rock spur almost four hundred meters above sea level. The garden includes numerous palm trees and retains its 19th-century charm with carved stone vases and benches and an elegant limestone balcony. Inside there is the church of San Giacomo, the church of the Capuchins, and that of San Vincenzo, while a war memorial has been erected in the center of the garden.


6. Palazzoo Zacco

Palazzoo Zacco
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Located in the upper part of Ragusa, Palazzo Zacco is one of the most beautiful examples of Sicilian Baroque applied to civil architecture. It was built in the second half of the 18th century for Baron Melfi and was then purchased by the Zacco family, whose name it still bears today, at the end of the 19th century. However, the baron’s coat of arms is still visible on a corner of the building as evidence of its noble origins. The building has two elevations, each of which overlooks three balconies, supported by mythological creatures and grotesque masks typical of the Baroque taste. The interior of the building houses the Museum of Ragusan Traditions, which we advise you to visit for more in-depth knowledge of the city’s history.


7. Ragusa Marina

The Best 10 Places to visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy
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Marina di Ragusa is a splendid coastal fraction of the municipality of Ragusa, located along the southeastern coast of Sicily. With its wide sandy beaches and crystal clear waters, it is a popular destination for summer tourists looking for relaxation and fun. Long promenades along the seafront offer stunning views and a lively atmosphere, with numerous bars, restaurants, and nightclubs livening up the evenings.


8. Donnafugata Castle Ragusa

Donnafugata Castle Ragusa
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Donnafugata Castle is a sumptuous noble residence dating back to the late nineteenth century, located in the countryside of Ragusa, in Sicily. With its neo-Gothic architecture and lavish elegance, the castle offers an enchanting visual spectacle. Surrounded by a vast park, the complex boasts suggestive artificial caves and a fascinating labyrinth of white stone.


9. Grotto of Trabacche (That’s of the most special places to visit in Ragusa)

The Best 10 Places to visit in Ragusa Sicily Italy
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The Grotta delle Trabacche is a fascinating underground cave from the Roman era, which has gained popularity thanks to an episode of the television series “Il Commissario Montalbano”. Located just outside the center of Ragusa, it offers a unique tourist experience. The catacombs consist of two rooms, where it is possible to admire ancient tombs and underground corridors.


10. Scicli – Town in Ragusa

Scicli - Town in Ragusa
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Scicli is an enchanting Sicilian town with a Baroque charm, located in the province of Ragusa. This architectural jewel has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO due to its extraordinary beauty. Its streets and squares are a real feast for the eyes, with majestic churches, noble palaces, and decorated balconies. Scicli looks like a living nativity scene, with Baroque architecture that creates a magical and evocative atmosphere.