10 BEST Things to Do in Cornwall England

Everything there is very special and it’s very difficult to choose the most beautiful things to do in Cornwall England. Cornwall is a seaside city located in the west of Great Britain into the vast Atlantic Ocean. It has a coastline of about 300 miles. There are many places to visit in Cornwall, and the harbor is wonderful.

There are many beaches, you can have many water sports, and of course the Cornish pasty and cream teas. The history of Cornwall is based on Celtic roots, its Celtic Cornish culture, and the warmth and friendliness of the people of Cornwall in England.

10 BEST Things to Do Cornwall England
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This place is best known for being a seaside paradise with stunning beaches and lush countryside. Cornwall has the sunniest climate in the UK and is situated in South West England Region. Below you will find a list of the top things to do in Cornwall in England.


10 Best Things to see and to do in Cornwall England

  • Port Isaac
  • St Michael’s Mount
  • St. Ives
  • Hartland Heritage Coast
  • Widemouth Bay
  • Land’s End
  • Truro
  • Padstow
  • Eden Project
  • The Roseland Peninsula


1. Port Isaac

Things to Do Cornwall England
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Port Isaac is located near the Atlantic north coast of the fishing village of Port Isaac. During the visit to Port Isaac, you can hike or have some stunning views.


2. St Michael’s Mount

St Michael’s Mount - Things to Do Cornwall England
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St Michael’s Mount is a little slice of Cornish history that dates back centuries. That is a legend for St Michael’s Mount, you can’t go inside the cave because used to be inhabited by a giant called Cormoran. St Michael’s Mount is like the English twin of the French monastery Mont-Saint-Michel.


3. St. Ives (That’s one of the best things to see in Cornwall)

St. Ives (That's one of the best things to see in Cornwall)
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St. Ives is a small town that has the best beach in Cornwall. It looks like a tropical city with a sandy beach, where you can enjoy a cocktail, surf, and gorge on some of the best scones that are the best in all of England. Nearby there is also the Barbara Hepworth Museum, set in the sculptor’s former studios with extensive gardens displaying her work.


4. Hartland Heritage Coast

Hartland Heritage Coast
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Hartland Heritage Coast is a wild place bordered by Devon, which is most visited by adventurous visitors. You can go hiking, it is thought to be the most challenging section of the South West Coastal Path.


5. Widemouth Bay

Widemouth Bay
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Widemouth Bay is the perfect place for surfing and has even a caravan park and many other accommodations, which make Widemouth Bay one of the best things to see in Cornwall.


6. Land’s End

Things to Do Cornwall England
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Land’s End is the perfect place to enjoy the sunset. It is located on the peninsula and is the most westerly point of England and even is the last point in the country before you go crashing into the Atlantic. There is a wonderful park that was built in 1980 where you can walk along the coastal path, dodging spray from the waves.


7. Truro (That’s one of the most beautiful places to visit in Cornwall)

Things to Do Cornwall England
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Truro is a port side but is unforgettable for many reasons. The cathedral is amazing, tastes some seafood galore, and every building is built around the natural inlets of this area. During the visit, you can buy some homemade gold rings and diamonds.


8. Padstow

Padstow is special for one reason, it has 7 beaches that are only 5 minutes far away from the town, It is very pretty and has some delicious fish and chips. In Padstow, there are a variety of boat tours so you can enjoy everything. Seafood is the specialty of the city so don’t miss having dinner or lunch to taste the food. There is even brilliant surfing at sugary Polzeath Beach just across the Camel Estuary.


9. Eden Project (Selected as one of the best things to do in Cornwall England)

Things to Do Cornwall England

Eden Project is known as the 8th wonder of the world, this is not official, but it is so wonderful such everyone considered it like this. This attraction was created from an old clay mine in Bodelva. It is a massive garden the purpose of it is an educational charity that works towards sustainability and environmental protection.


10. The Roseland Peninsula

The Roseland Peninsula
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The Roseland Peninsula is like the little finger of land from south Cornwall, a harbor town in the Peninsula. During your visit, you can secluded coves and walk through the wooded countryside, or take a kayak and explore the Percuil River and creek. There are many beaches in Roseland Peninsula, that are perfect for sunbathing, swimming, rock pooling, for surfing too. All the beaches are sandy beaches.