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CroatiaZadar DalmatiaThings to see in Zadar Croatia

Things to see in Zadar Croatia

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It’s worth writing an article for best things to see in Zadar Croatia. Zadar is one of the most beautiful cities in Croatia that can be visited during any season of the year. Zadar is the fifth largest city in Croatia and is located in Zadar Dalmatia.

Things to see in Zadar Croatia
Photo by Mikusa Martin on Unsplash

It is located near two national parks, Krka and Paklenica and the mountains Velebit and the river Zrmanja. It is great that from a city on the sea that is full of tourists, you can be in such natural oases in an hour or less.

Things to see in Zadar Croatia
dronepicr via Wikimedia Commons

It is 3000 years old, it appears for the first time as an Illyrian settlement, it was ruled by the ancient Romans, Venetians, Venice, Austrians, French, it was attacked and destroyed in the last Homeland War. Lets explore best things to see in Zadar Croatia.


Church of St. Donata

Crkva sv. Donata
Photo by Sam Barber on Unsplash

Church of St. Donata in Zadar is located in the central part of the historic center of the city, on the ruins of an ancient forum.

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Initially, it was dedicated to the Holy Trinity, and from the XV. century is named after Bishop Donat.

According to legend, he most likely had it built at the beginning of IX. It was first mentioned around.


Sea Organ

Sea Organ (Morske Orgulje) - Things to see in Zadar Croatia
Image by Ivan Vuksa from Pixabay

One of the best things to see in Zadar Croatia. An artistic musical object and an experimental musical instrument that creates wonderful sounds and melodies with the power of rocking sea waves.

The installation looks like a series of wide pillars leading to the sea, which hide an ingenious construction.

The Zadar Cathedral of St. Anastasia

Katedrala Svete Stošije
Image by smartapa from Pixabay

The Zadar Cathedral of St. Anastasia (Anastasia) was built on two occasions; in the 12th and 13th centuries with a preserved older building from the 9th and 11th centuries that was erected on the site of an early Christian basilica, so the beginnings of its construction date back to the 4th and 5th centuries.


The Greeting to the Sun

The Greeting to the Sun - Pozdrav Suncu
Image by Katarzyna Tyl from Pixabay
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Greeting to the Sun, the work of the award-winning Zadar architect Nikola Bašić, is located in the western part of the waterfront next to the Sea Organ.

Modern installation Sun Salutation composed of 300 multilayer glass panels in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 22 meters.

Throughout the day, it collects solar energy and converts it into electricity, which is then used in and around the installation during the night.


People’s Square

People's Square (Narodni trg) - Things to see in Zadar Croatia
nomadFra /

After the ancient Forum ceased to be the center of public city life in the early Middle Ages, its function was taken over by the Great Square – Platea Magna. You have to spent some time in People’s Square because is one of the best thngs to see in Zadar Croatia.

From 1625 until the establishment of socialist rule, it was called Gospodski, and since then Narodni trg.

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Among the people of Zadar, it is enough to say only the square. Everyone thinks the same.


Archaeological Museum Zadar

Archaeological Museum Zadar - Things to see in Zadar Croatia

The museum was founded in 1832. as part of the complex National or Provincial Museum of Dalmatia and is one of the oldest in Croatia. It is located in the building on the forum (square) of the Roman Iader, which in 1972.


National Museum Zadar

The basic mission of today’s National Museum Zadar includes the systematic collection, preservation, exhibition, documentation, and professional and scientific processing of movable and immovable objects of civilization, cultural and natural heritage.


Things to see in Zadar Croatia

  1. Church of St. Donata
  2. Sea Organ
  3. The Zadar Cathedral of St. Anastasia
  4. The Greeting to the Sun
  5. People’s Square
  6. Archaeological Museum Zadar
  7. National Museum Zadar
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