Places to see in Malaga Spain

Malaga is located between the provinces of Granada and Cadiz, and is part of Mediterranean coast. In this article our bloggers have listed best places to see in Malaga Spain.

More than 3,000 years of history have passed since Malaga’s establishment by the Phoenicians up to achieving the beautiful, friendly and cosmopolitan city that enchants tourists from all over the world today.

Places to see in Malaga Spain

Malaga is a place which if you visit it will not disappoint you. Malaga is a seaside city in region of Andalusia, which is one of the most important region in Spain.

Beyond its 16 sunny beaches, this Andalusian city on the shores of the Mediterranean has a fascinating cultural side. And the birthplace of Pablo Picasso has reinvented itself in recent year, inaugurating museums for all tastes. Lets explore most interesting places to see in Malaga in Spain.


1. Malaga Cathedral

Malaga Cathedral is a catholic church. Dedicated to the incarnation it is one of the main jewels of the Spanish renaissance, so it’s a important thing to see in Malaga. Its long history comes from the Great Mosque on which it was built.

Malaga Cathedral

Go to the choir and feel the spirituality of one of the main sculptural ensembles of the Spanish Baroque.  The original project was made from Diego de Siloe from Burgos, an author very famous and with prestige, who projected a large number of monuments.


2. Picasso Museum Malaga

Places to see in Malaga Spain
Source: museopicassomalaga org

Another thing you can do in Malaga is visiting Picasso Museum, it is located in a building with a great view, Buenavista Palace.  Buenavista Palace represent the civil architecture of Renaissance in Andalusia.

This center was a desire of Pablo Picasso, that his work to appear in his birth place.  There are more than 200 works to see in Picasso Museum Malaga, by brilliant artist Picasso.

There are also many exhibitions as well as educational and cultural activities, you can see.


3. Costa del Sol (That’s one of the most beautiful places to see in Malaga)

Costa del Sol

Costa del sol is famous for its beaches, you can see the most beautiful beaches and have a lot of fun.  Costa del Sol extend along of 150 km of coastline, is washed by Mediterranean sea.

In Costa del Sol you can see 325 sunny days a year, with an wonderful climate, where you can taste a paradise view of beaches. Every beach you can see is unique, some of them are livelier, some are quieter and some of them are totally untouched. In Costa del Sol you can see beaches with the most modern services, you can have many areas to have all the kind of water sports or even other sports.


4. Malaga Atarazanas Market

Places to see in Malaga Spain

Atarazanas Market is a great place where you can see and find the best food products of Malaga. The building is very interesting and there are many architectural styles that you can see.

The Atarazanas Market is organized in three departments, fruits and vegetables, meat and fish, so you can see and find everything there. You can find all the seasonal, delicious, unique, fruits and vegetables in Andalucia, Malaga, that you cant see or find in other places.


5. Malaga Old town

Malaga Old town

The old town of Malaga is very compact, it is easy to get around on foot in one day. However, despite its small size, it is here that most of the historical monuments and sights of the city are concentrated.

The streets of the historic center of Malaga are basically narrow and impressive. On the streets: historic buildings, museums and churches, as well as small squares with an abundance of cafes and restaurants, shops and boutiques, salons and banks, night clubs and souvenir shops. If you are in Malaga, go have a walk through because old town is one of the best places to see in Malaga Spain.


6. Soho (The Art District)

Soho (The Art District)

Soho is a neighbourhood where you can see the modern art of Malaga, started as a project from public.

You can see murals from graffiti artists like Obey and D*Face. In this neighbourhood you can walk by foot and it is very near main tourist area in Malaga.

Soho Art District is full of shops, business, art and cultural services, Alameda theatre and the Contemporary Art Centre.  Also you can see many shops where you can have drinks or food and enjoy the view and art.


7. Gibralfaro (That’s one of the most beautiful places to see in Malaga)

Gibralfaro (That's one of the most beautiful places to see in Malaga)
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Gibralfaro Castle is a must, you have to see if you go in Malaga. It was built in the 14th century to protect the Alcazaba.

It offers a great view of the city of Malaga, and even you can visit the Interpretation centre to discover the site’s history.  When you see the Gibralfaro Castle you may notice two lines of walls and eight towers.

The other wall meets the coracha, zigzagging walls that arranged to link to the Alcazaba Castle.  You can have a walk inside the whole perimeter of the fortress to see more things from inside.


8. Marbella

Places to see in Malaga Spain

Marbella is one hour driving from Malaga, and it known for its beaches a luxury life. In Marbella you can see the great classic of the Andalucian cost, thanks to its, important sports, climate, natural setting, friendliness.

You can organised your vacation in Marbella, Malaga, because you can do a lot of things there and can see many beautiful things across the entire coast.

Marbella has best hotels, with good services, beach clubs where you can have a drink an party all day.  You can see and enjoy 320 days of sun in Marbella Malaga. This is why Marbella is one of best places to see in Malaga Spain.


9. Ronda


Ronda, the white village of Malaga, is one hour and thirty minutes driving from Malaga. A little village known for its bridge that connect the old and the new part of the village.

You see a great view from the hill and even take a photo of you and the bridge. If you want you can go for a walk in then arrows roads of Ronda Malaga, and have a look of bullfighting arena, Mondragon Palace or La Casa Del Rey Moro.


10. Malaga Botanical Garden

Places to see in Malaga Spain

La Concepción botanical gardens. The lovely setting and great selection of tropical plants makes them one of the best gardens in Malaga and well worth a visit.

La Concepción gardens and house were built in 1855 when two members of Malaga’s rising bourgeois class, Amalia de Heredia Livermore and Jorge Enrique Loring Oyarzabal, got married.

Between them, they brought and ordered plants and trees from all round the world and created a tropical oasis throughout the 23-hectare site. In 1911, La Concepción was acquired by the Echevarria-Echevarrieta family – another influential family in Malaga – who added to the gardens and built the famous mirador at the southern end of the grounds.

In 1943, the gardens were declared national treasures and just under 50 years later La Concepción became municipal property. In 1994, the gardens opened to the public.


11. Ojen – White inland villages

Ojen - White inland villages

Ojén, population 3000 like Istán, in spite of its accessibility and closeness to Marbella has retained all the charm of a traditional white village.

Ojen is a town of Moorish origin located between the sea and the Sierra de las Nieves and less than 10 km from the beaches of Marbella.

In addition, Ojen celebrates every year, one of the festivals concerning national independent music, el Ojeando. Ojén is an inspiration for the senses.

The beauty of the natural landscapes of its surroundings, its cultural life and proximity to Marbella allow you to combine relaxation with activities of active tourism, night life and practice golf in the Soto Golf Club.


12. The Alcazaba of Malaga (That’s one of the most beautiful places to see in Malaga)

The Alcazaba of Malaga

This fortress palace, whose name in Arabic means citadel, is one of the city’s historical monuments and is much visited because of its history and beauty.

The building that dates from the Muslim period is located at the foot of the Gibralfaro hill, crowned by the Arab defence works to which the Alcazaba is connected by a walled passage known as the Coracha. We suggest to visit this places because Alcazaba is one of the best places to visit in Malaga.

With the Roman Theatre and the Aduana Customs Building, this special corner offers the chance to observe Roman, Arab and Renaissance culture, all within a few yards of each other.


Places to see in Malaga Spain

  • Malaga Cathedral
  • Picasso Museum
  • Costa del Sol
  • Atarazanas Market
  • Malaga Old town
  • Soho (The Art District)
  • Gibralfaro
  • Marbella
  • Ronda
  • Botanical Garden
  • Ojen
  • The Alcazaba of Malaga